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Long-term Condition

Posted by Jeff on 01/11/2007

Ted, I am impressed with your knowledge of fungus etc. So I thought maybe you could help me. I am mid 40s, very healthy, very active, rarely get sick, but!! I have had 30 years of chronic athletes foot - cracked skin, etc, but the feet don't itch - 25 years of a chronic Jock itch - candida diaper rash. Last 10 years I have had no sugar in my diet as a necessity - because when I eat it my butt goes wildly itchy. I have been doing 2 weeks of 2tblspn acv+ 1/4 tsp baking soda, twice daily - and I feel better - but the butt rash isn't getting any better. I have been spraying it twice a day w/ acv-h202 mixture - cant really tell anything. I began checking ph 2 days ago - ph is 7 - 7.2, I don't know what it was before the acv, but 2 nights ago had 1 beer - next morning ph was 6.0, but returned to 7.0 by the afternoon over 25 years - it went away only when i was in nepal twice and taking iodine in my drinking water all day - couldn't keep that up as the iodine left me feeling washed out. And swimming in really cold water always seems to help it tremendously - last week took a sauna - broke the ice - jumped in - butt felt good for 2 days. Also my hair is falling out faster than it should - my brother isn't losing hair - I am - but i feel great, rarely get sick. I used to have white crust dandruff - I have been rinsing my hair with acv, don't seem to have any crustys anymore. So what else should I do? So what do you suggest- 1) should I add h2o2 orally 2) should I find a way to chelate mercury? 3)should i try iodine orally or skin paint? 4) I don't take supplements - always thought it bs - but after reading your stuff maybe I should? 5) I will start soaking feet in acv/h202 - do you have to change the acv/h202 every day or can you reuse for a few days? Any light you can send on my condition will be greatly appreciated - no topicals help tried them all - coconut oil - etc. Thanks Ted - greatly appreciated - Jeff

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Jeff: Most topical remedies you tried are for shorter term condition of the fungus. Yours is a long term issue so other ways must be considered.

The problems with fungus are several, they can exist in alkaline pH too if the phosphate or phosphorus are high. This can easily be proven with a salivary pH that exceeds 7.4 to 7.5. A very high pH, or a low pH can encourage fungus growth. Certain phosphorus rich food can in fact encourage fungus growth despite eating a healthy meal.

The other problem is the deficiency in certain minerals such as chromium, manganese, tungsten, and molybdenum are important minerals in the metabolism and control of sugar and insulin. Just avoiding sugar alone may not be enough and the fact that even a small amount of sugar causes you to be rash is therefore not sup rising. Even ACV has some sugar also, but beer is quite notorious for that, and the alcohol just destabilizes the liver worsening the condition. Manganese sulfate are taken one or two times a week 25 mg. on an empty stomach, Sodium tungstate, of same amount only once a week, and sodium vanadate, and chromium nicotinate, or chromium chloride dose are also important in processing of sugar. Those are taken at similar dose but only once or twice a week.

Parasitic fungus are quite common also despite all the measures and the fungus don't go away, ever. Yours might have this condition. For parasitic fungus I am referring to the yet to be identified nano-insects. When they are dead, the become tiny black spots by the millions, but when they are alive, it causes pinkish skin, usually in areas with the greatest blood circulation such as the face. The only remedy known for that after a lot of trial and error is the borax. If the borax is taken 3 times or 4 times a day with medium size pinches and some lemon to cover the taste, and taken for at least 3-4 days, you should see tiny black dots coming out on the skin. Those I think are nanoinsect and if you do have it, it is nice to keep a sample to take pictures of it. Always wanted to know what they look like! They live in human blood vessels and the academia still haven't even bothered to investigate. Usually taking borax for about 2-3 weeks will nearly kill all of them but I prefer to take awhile longer so that a 100% kill is a reality. Again this is not taken everyday either, only 3-4 days out of a week only. If they causes worsening of itchiness, apply lavender oil is often more effective in practice for this peculiar condition. In the case of nanoinsects they live in symbiosis with a mycoplasma. What the borax does is kill the nanoinsect somewhat, but it prevents leg laying mostly and the borax is perhaps the most effective antifungal medicine for internal purposes yet. Of course chromium, and tiny traces (parts per million) of arsenic, for example also have anti fungal properties, but for me I used this against the mycoplasma more than anything else.

The other issue is you mentioned iodine being "washed out". I would assume that the iodine you were taking were for internal and that could cause a lot of problems. A weekly or twice weekly iodine foot painting would give the body time to absorb and reprocessed the iodine into an alkaline form which is more bioavailable. The problems is that the iodine sold in the market today are actually in the wrong form. They are an oxidant, acid form rather than an antioxidant, alkaline form. The povidone iodine has the metallic iodine along with the potassium iodine that just doesn't help. By using the skin as a barrier and taking sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg/day the body can reprocessed it.

Your hair loss is usually due to manganese deficiency and possibly zinc, as well as sodium ascorbate vitamin C. It is likely you haven't taken vitamin C, especially in an alkaline form for quite sometime.

Liver impairment is another issue, and so is heavy metals where both conditions are conducive to fungus growth. So 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin eaten along with food and take plenty of chinese parsley should resolve heavy metals buildup in the body especially the mercury and cadmium. Certain heavy metals promote hair loss, especially excess iron. The lack of body' production of nitric oxide is a major contributor to hair loss and l-arginine, l-glutamine for example should resolve that. Drinking water are quite often a promoter of fungus growth from excess free heavy metals so taking reverse osmosis water with sea salt (there are many kinds, but not the ones I am thinking of!). The usual mixture is 1 liter of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.

The best form of sea salt is actually the ones they sell in aquarium shops but it requires a lot of effort to get it in the proper form through sterilization, etc. But in case you are wondering what is the best form, it is this one. To do a proper sterilization, is to use an R.O. water with and adding plenty of sea salt and ozonate them for at least 15-30 minutes. This is mixed in the drinking water at 1/4 teaspoon of the powdered so you have to estimate how much is a 1/4 teaspoon on that one, hover in practice with a 10% solution a rough figures comes to about 1 tablespoon of that in one liter of R.O. water. There is never enough bicarbonates anyway, so just add a pinch of it. To be a bit technical before adding the sea salt, just add a good quality dechlorinator, with clearly labeled sodium thiosulfate, and that would do.

A stronger topical application of fungus for the "diaper rash" is needed, in which case a 2%-5% solution copper chloride applied only for 5 minutes before rinsing is needed. Of course supplies are a major problem there are alternatives and tips. Most antifungals in the market for human use don't work very well. It seems the fishes got the upper hand again. The anti-algae formula used for fishes actually worked a lot better, but still some dilution is needed. The one I prefer that I am familiar with is to use natural salts, such as copper salts, copper sulfates, etc. Those exist in nature and I prefer to go that way. One particular brand here in Thailand is the copper sulfate solution. They don't put labels so that we can't make our own, that's the reason for no labels. However, a copper sulfate solution can be easily identified it is often light blue and clear. The other "chemical" ones that are not found in nature, or nature compatible I often avoid.

Certain supplements is really needed to both displace the mercury and other heavy metals, but yet the mineral itself is antifungals, the mineral I am thinking of selenium at 200 mcg and this need to be taken much more often, such as 5 days out of a week for a month.

The reason why you are experiencing hair loss and diaper rash all at once is simple: the mycoplasma colonies have increased inside your body.

The best ways to starve them, of course as you mentioned is sugar, but that is just only half the story. The other half is the bread, white flour, and fried foods which are often supportive of fungus growth.

Now for your questions:

I have had 30 years of chronic athletes foot - cracked skin, etc, but the feet don't itch - 25 years of a chronic Jock itch - candida diaper rash.

Obviously your body's mineral imbalance (sea salt or fulvic acid helps and mineral supplements as mentioned) and the candida thing is a parasite issue as mentioned. Parasites can be ridden of with a pinch of borax 3 or 4 times a day, but I can soup up the borax remedy to make it far stronger by adding 6 drops of 3% food grade H2O2 in 1 glass of drinking water. I would likely take this for about 4 days out of a week.

A copper chloride 5% application to the feet really really helps. So try to obtain copper chloride solution for external application. Most grades of copper chloride are quite acceptable as they are used ONLY for external application. I prefer technical grade or laboratory grade.

As a reminder: people with hair loss are often manganese and zinc deficient, and often magnesium. Biotin (5 mg/day) is also another very important mineral for hair problems as well as N Acetyl Cysteine (500 mg/day) The cysteine helps hair growth, but sulfur containing foods do kill and provide the body of sulfur deficiency too, such as MSM, kyolic garlic and they too are anti fungals. Some people with sulfur deficiency can also get long term candida too.

1) should I add h2o2 orally Yes, just add with a pinch of borax taken 4 times a day. Remember, if 4 pinches in one day, the cumulative total of that borax should approximately a bit more than 1/4 teaspoon on a per day basis. I take it quite often almost every week and the itchy foot is no longer a problem. Borax prevents the sugar in your body from reacting with the proteins, and that also prevents food fungus from even growing also.

2) should I find a way to chelate mercury?

Yes you seem to have a real problem with heavy metals. Try simple. Chinese parsley, N Acetyl Cysteine, selenium, lecithin and garlic. And lemon and plenty of baking soda formula. The citrates have chelating properties. A small pinch of disodium EDTA will also rid of free radical metals from the body.

3)should i try iodine orally or skin paint?

Yes, twice a week only so that would be more like once every 3 days.

4) I don't take supplements - always thought it bs - but after reading your stuff maybe I should?

Your body is screaming for it. If this is the case, the vitamin B deficiency and glucose metabolism could be at issue. So just take vitamin B complex, a good quality one with lots of B's, and take that 3 times a week. Cannot take too often, the way the marketing today is practiced, they to are acid forming, so it forces me to use the spacing of dosages. 5) I will start soaking feet in acv/h202 - do you have to change the acv/h202 every day or can you reuse for a few days?

No can never reuse and too expensive if you do this way. Try plain vanilla vinegar, called distilled vinegar and 1% H2O2 solution. Or you can try another that works different, which is saturated solution of borax in 2% hydrogen peroxide.

The cracking feet is an essential fatty acid deficiency you need evening primrose oil and good quality freshest flaxseed oil you can find

Based on your description even if you don't mention taking supplement it is obvious to me that you have many deficiencies going for you. It would seem like you have took any supplements at all. And hence the large number of supplements recommended!

Replied by Linda
Denver, CO

Ted, I was so glad to find your solution given for long term fungus parasitic condition. I have delt with it for 3 years. While researching and trying to find a cure (which after tests doctors could come up with nothing except ancestors or allergies) I have also learned so much from your writings about natural cures and taking care of my health. Please stay with us. You are a God-send. Linda

Replied by Marie L
United States

Ted, I need your advice please? .

I have had a moccasin athlete’s foot problem that started over a year ago while I was pregnant. I didn’t realize it was fungus until it was extremely painful and very severe because I was so busy with the newborn and moving houses. I have tried everything possible. Vinegar soaks with h202 twice per day, all the natural things and otc meds (and my husband is so frustrated by all the time spent soaking and money spent on creams). I’ve been two doctors including a Podiatrist, and even went on a month of oral terbinafine but nothing has worked. About 2 months ago I started a 2 week herbal parasite cleanse and did a one week of borox 1/8 tsp a day. I was also taking 10-20 drops of grapefruit seed extract for about a month. I was using baker’s yeast topically on my feet as a strong probiotic, and assumed that was what was helping my feet turn from green to normal color on the black light. The fungus worsened again after a few weeks and I think now the improvement was from the parasite cleanse and borox I was using. It came back with a vengeance and even spread to my hands. It’s definitely in my blood because I can soak and just 1 hour later see the fungus growing white on my heals- no way it grows so quickly without being in my blood stream!

I restarted the borax at a higher dose 4 days ago (1/4 tsp per day) with a few drops h202 with it. I don’t see any changes this time- I know it’s early but am I doomed? Can fungus develop resistance to borax taken internally if you wait 6 weeks from the last dose? Am I going to slowly die from internal fungus build up or do I have any options? should I just continue taking borax 3-4 days a week for several months even if I don’t see results (how quickly does the itching and burning subside)? I have little kids. I am so scared I blew my chance of healing and things are only going to get worse. This is so depressing and I am honestly scared and don’t want to keep wasting money on the wrong things. I haven’t tried black walnut and garlic supplements. I was wondering if that could help and if it’s worth a shot? I have cut out sugar and alcohol and wheat and dairy, minus kefir for the probiotics. Please, please help me!

Thank you!