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Dry Skin Relief?

Posted by Linda (Manhattan, KS) on 08/14/2007

I haven't been able to find my questions on this web site. I have asked several in the past few weeks and I not found one of them. Including what citric acid is and where can I find it. I don't know if I have athelets foot, fungus or candida. My feet are very, very dry and I been trying acv, baking soda, h2o2, and epsome salts. The h202 in the acv and baking soda water gives diahorea and I just put in tiny bit. The cinnamon makes itch but cleared but a cut on the bottom of foot. So far nothing has worked. I can't afford to buy black molasses which I doubt they have any here and I don't know if I will even attempt boric acid or whatever that other one was. I want to get rid of this stuff I have had it for may years.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Linda: Foot fungus and dry feet don't exists easily as fungus needs moisture for growth. Assuming, you cannot afford it or won't try other remedies, that narrows down only to vinegar soaking the feet for about an hour a day. Then rinse. Extremely laxative cause is often the sign of a deficiency of both bicarbonates and magnesium, so avoiding further would not help.

A magnesium supplement should not use epsom salt anyway since the effects are laxative. A more ideal form of supplements is magnesium chloride or magnesium gluconate or magnesium citrate. Epsom salt at least for me is used for external application. Also baking soda, H2O2 and magnesium are taken on an empty stomach.

One way to do things properly, assuming the body reacts to everything is to check for urinary pH, if it is below 6, then the body needs to be alkaline to recovery from the itchiness, the body's negative response is an inidication of the body's desire to detoxify rather than it doesn't like anything, in event the pH is already below 6.