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Posted by K (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/07/2012

Hello, I am living in Bangkok and was wondering if you had information about where i can purchase apple cider vinegar. I have been suffering from athletes foot for some years now and believe it may have contributed to recent bouts of dyshidrosis on my fingers. I seem to also exhibit signs of candida and or leaky gut. If you have any info on health shops that carry such items as oil of oregano and apple cider vinegar it would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is actually available in most supermarkets and The Mall, Emporium, and Villa supermarket are well known to carry it.

Your other conditions are probably due to a fungus, but I think it responds better to lavender oil, a pure version that I use. Sodium molybdate 100 mcg, B3 500 mg at night, Hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful in a liter of water and some borax, is a common remedy I use to get rid of candida, besides the usual avoiding of high sugar foods, especially fructose containing food, and aspartame (in sugar substitutes) is not helping.

The common remedy for athlete's foot is tannic acid with some water and is the easiest of all. Dyshidrosis is often treated with pure lavender oil, as the easiest way to treat but they don't go away overnight, it took me 3 days to relieve that condition. But not all dyshidrosis are created the same, the ones I used responded to lavender oil and if not available maybe camphorated oil.