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Hands and Calcium Lumps

Posted by Jeannine on 06/03/2006

I noticed a small calcium lump (I'm assuming that's what it is) on the knuckle of my pinky (left, my twisting hand). Any ideas to melt away this lump? The small rash on my back is also getting better. This rash, in the past, remained persistently aggravated. Question. I'm taking the high dose Atomodine referenced in the E Cayce readings. Do you know anything about these high dose iodine treatments? Is it ok to combine the supplements and the Atomodine? I don't want to overdo it.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Melting the calcium on the twisting hand is quite a challenge, it took many years for this lump to come up, assuming of course this is from your bones, not from the skin.

This is due to a long term vitamin D, magnesium and in my opinion, L-Carnosine deficiency. Taking these three over a somewhat longer period will reduce it, but not instantly melt away. However, getting your energy back is relatively simple, the bones just takes more time. The fastest way I know is perhaps buy a book and practice Quantum Touch, or get a Quantum Touch practitioner to melt this calcium issue. Quantum touch is a strange healing, in that it corrects your bones deformities rather quickly, especially in the spine area, but can be helpful with your hands. Of course it will take a couple of months (if you can) to get that down to a point that you are happy with too. Quantum touch has its origin (the author avoids this reference) from Eastern Medicine called Qigong, but since this is rather involved, just in case you are wondering.

As to Edgar Cayce's recommendation on Atomidine, the chemical compound is known as Iodine Trichloride, which is an extremely water soluble compound in water making the likelihood of an overdose quite difficult. In the field of chemistry, most "salts" or chloride compound are water soluble and usually such excess are rid of by the body in due time, reducing the possibility of overdose somewhat.

I tend to be quite conservative with my views and a minimum use of Atomidine would be not to exceed one week if done everyday. If you go beyond one week you can try it once a week or once a month should be sufficient. For me I prefer once a week is a good estimate that should prevent such overdose.

Practically all of Edgar Cayce's remedy are side-effect free if you follow his instructions and the strict specification of the product he recommends. By the way, most of energy coming back, at least for me is usually DHEA and magnesium, in case you are wondering what specific supplements are responsible. Some can just see energy coming back with a simple baking soda+ citric acid (plus tiny pinch of potassium & magnesium helps) before bedtime also.