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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/20/2006 391 posts

The cat's purr recording has helped my mother's arthritic leg pain too, in case you are wondering. She told me it works better than the drugs. Just today, I played the cat's purr for her again and she was able to walk relatively pain free.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
115 posts

I am looking at the basic ingredients and plan to go to a vet site and find all the basic chemical ingredients listed in the joint care for the million dollar race equines! If a horse that cost more than my house takes it, I think I can take it.. and it is a lot cheaper, and some say pharmaceutical grade, and if it says 2oz for a 1100 pound horse just take 1 teaspoon 2 times a day or call their number and say my animal is only 200 pounds (say miniature horse), I have read many listings from some of the Vet supply sites and I see all the basic chemical ingredents in them...Merryann

Replied by Duck1098
Atlanta, Ga

This stuff has helped my mom. I doubt it's a "cure" however. And about this doctor/authur, he has a "multilevel marketing" thing going on on his website, that's all it took for me to turn away. His wording on this site seemed like he's about to sell you something. Not saying his stuff doesn't work because I don't know but it just sounds like every other "expert" who is trying to sell something.

Replied by Lisa
Hopatcong, Nj

Am I the only one put off by the idea of another animal's cartilage? I don't know - to me, that's not very holistic. And, this is a doctor who doesn't know it's called "Patent" and not Patten? I do have lumbar stenosis but I'm not about to ingest another animal's cartilage. Earth Clinic, to me, means of the Earth - things that are natural, not animal by-product.

Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

Is this chicken cartilage same as the one sold by Swansonvitamins.com?

Replied by Ron1999
Moore, Ok

I want to believe what this guy says about chicken cartilage. But, I can't get over the fact that he says "patten" instead of "patent". And, he says "gelatine" instead of "gelatin".

Sounds like his credentials are phony to me.

Replied by Caverhill
Junction, Tx

Chicken cartilage - I agree with Ron1999 and to add to his picking up on "patten" and "gelatine", Wallach also says "liver sclerosis" when I believe it should be cirrhosis of the liver.

Replied by Just Me

I guess I am really amazed by some of the replies to Dr. Wallach's post. A question was raised as to how to deal with arthritis, and an answer was posted by a person who has dealt with it in his patients most of his life and was able to help them. What is the problem with him selling his solution to the ailment? Isn't that what was asked? He obviously has had a site up and running for longer than this question in this forum. I am sure he formulate something a while back. If you have something that can help, then why not sell it? Those who doubt his credibility due to his misspelling... Most people have words they mispell, regardless of who they are - I know of a brilliant scientist who couldn't add basic numbers - Einstein. Anyway, I don't know anything of Dr. Wallach, but I think you should check his credentials before his spelling. Here is a link to that article where Harvard conducted their study. http://www.chickencartilage.com/harvardstudy/ and btw, Liver Sclerosis is the correct terminology. http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/11281/1/Explaining-Sclerosis-of-the-Liver.html

Replied by Michael
Burbank, California

Can someone please suggest or recommend the amount of Apple Cider to honey that they have found as most effective?

Replied by Bonnie
Ontario canada

Hi! I took shark cartilage by Bell. My knee arthritis pain stabs would stop me in my tracks and sometimes a yelp due to the pain. It took a few weeks to improve like the insert said, but it helped! I don't take it routinely now but probably should. The sharks aren't killed to make this product, it's just used as it would go to waste otherwise.