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Traumatic Arthritis

Posted by Lori on 05/20/2007

Hi Ted, Thanks for all your help! I LOVE this website. I have told my whole family about it and they love it too. My problem is that I have what they call traumatic arthritis in my big toe. The orthopaedic surgeon told me that I needed either a total joint replacement or fusion. Do you think there is anything else that I can do. He says that I have bone to bone and no joint left. I have been taking ACV with baking soda for a couple of days and just started taking a supplement that has msm, condroitin sulfates and glucosamine. Thanks again if you do get the time to respond and if not I still love all you do for people!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Lori: It has been known for ages that arthritis is a rare occurence whenever boron is found present in drinking water. Israel for example has below 1% having arthritis due to high boron in drinking water. Most drinking water with high boron, are the form of sodium tetraborate, which is borax. For more detailed discussion about boron and arthritis:


What is so strange is boron and fluoride are a somewhat opposing force. For example, if you take boron fluoride is removed from the body. Actually fluoride stunts growth in plants, animals the same way as does aluminum. If I were a farmer the biggest enemies are to livestock and plants are fluoride and aluminum. I tend to believe the cause of most arthritis to be one of microorganisms found along the joints. Those bacteria are of mycoplasma (from frequent vaccinations, since they are high in it), mycobacterium, and staphylococcus. Each of these tend to form colonies around the cartilage, before they ever get worse. The factor that helps their growth are high free metal iron, lack of boron, high sugar, high calcium which protects the colonies. Staphylococcus is a unique bacteria that digests your cartilage, something they call proteoglycan and once the cartilage or out the other bacteria does the other work in digesting the along the joints rich in calcium, iron, and lack of circulation, being to their advantage as they are anaerobic creatures. The only way to reverse the condition depends on the inital condition of the arthritis, if it is just joint pain in the beginning like mine, it will take me a couple of days. For you it could take a lot longer for the healing. The method of treatment is to kill off these microorganism and it won't be easy since it is to an advanced stage due to traumatic arthritis. However, an average dose I think are appropriate are 25 mg of borax in drinking water, or I can just do it another way around with 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water that is drank in divided dose throughout the day. I would drink it either twice a week or once a week. What borax does is it kills the mycobacterium, mycoplasma and some of the staph. The frequency of dose, mentioned here is conservative and it taken at least once or twice a week. In event there's no side effect if I take it to be observed, I would try to take it more often maybe up to 3 or 4 times a week maximum. Staphyloccocus weaknesses is of magnesium citate or magnesium gluconate 250/mg day. If the body has plentiful supplies of magnesium staph growth along the joint is limited. Taking this at 5 days out of a week should be sufficient and some vitamin C sodium ascorbate 250 mg at least about 5 days out of a week should also help.

I have always had problems getting rid of the free metal iron that exists along the joints feeding the microbial growth, in which case, chlorella capsules taken once a day maybe helpful. Green tea, unsugared or any tea that are not of black color would be high in tannins. Tannins have an affinity of pulling out some iron out of the body. Once the iron is lowered, the microbial growth is limited. In case if you want to look at other minerals, gettin some hair mineral analysis, and have a look especially on the Molybdenum, Cobalt, Iron, Silver, Iodine, Magnesium, boron and some others. Those are the suspect minerals that seem to encourage or discourage microbial growth. For example, silver or colloidal silver, taken everyday, one tablespoon twice a day for several months will encourage stem cells in the body, but the best thing of all is it seems to destroy the "slime" or biofilms along the joints. If those are destroyed, the microbes have no way of surviving and eating up your joints. Another example is molybdenum supplements should be taken, if you can find them! They discourage bacterium growth on the bones and it actually used to prevent cavities if added in toothpaste. Molybdenum is far safer than fluoride as it is an essential mineral as well, helping the remineralization of the bones and teeth, being one of them. The usual dose I think is between 5-10 mg per day, if you can find them!

It is important also to at least take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid, in 1/2 glass of water, or 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day to keep the body in an alkaline mode. The reason is bacteria and their biofilms tend to exists in the medium of pH below 6. So if the body's urinary pH is raised to (by increasing baking soda dose) to about 7, then the growth will be limited, and this encourages healing of your joint. Certain proteins taken befor sleep may encourage some growth hormone by taking secretagogues, such as 1/2 tablespoon of glycine and 1/2 tablespoon of glutamine, before bedtime. This might help some regeneration. Once the microbes are destroyed, and you still need to take supplements to disourage their growth, still, taking certain supplements to encourage regeneration is possible with aloe vera oil, or aloe vera supplements. Comfrey poultice applied along the joints may help as allantoin content is known to encourage bone repair in people with broken bones, so joint healing may also be possible. I however prefer to take allantoin as a supplements maybe 10-50 mg/day might help too, with some aloe vera. As for me, my arthritis issue is never a serious one, just taking some borax 1/4 teaspoon for 1-2 days and on the third day and the rest of the week, its gone. That's because I know what is causing my problems. But with severe forms, it may take several months, to almost a year to actually heal what has happened. I don't believe so much in using metal joint replacement. It has been my observation that friends of my relatives who did joint replacement further cause the ones to be broken. Apparently the found that once the plug the joints, the mycobacterium ate away at the screws of the joints which attaches to the bone. When this happens, the joints no longer hold and it osteoporosis eats the entire bone where there is no furhter place in which the metal can support the bones, since there is no more bones to support it. It is a sort of Catch-22. The real issue, I believe is not the wear an tear. Its been known for ages that microbes eat away on your bones, but is ignored by mainstream medicine, at least, that's my opinion only. If the body still have regenerative capacity, your body can heal, and colloidal silver according to Dr. Robert Becker, has the ability to cause cells to be dedifferentiation - which is another word for stem cells.

Replied by Laurie
Olney, Il Usa


First let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart. - I have spurs and constant pain in my knees. I'm also very sick with other ailments and prefer to start off with the Boiron Homeopathic Borax (just in case)but don't know how to convert it to 1/4 tsp. Do you happen to know? - Will borax dissolve the spurs?

I have a water ionizer and drink and cook at 9. 5. The only thing I drink is one coffee w/milk and stevia (white)and drink water all day the rest of the day. Do I still need to put baking soda in Apple Cider Vinegar and other remedies that you suggest? BS causes me to swell. I always have water retention and the bs makes me swell so bad my legs feet and toes look deformed and I can barely walk. God bless

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Spurs are usually bone growth due to fungus and related bacteria growing underneath the bones. In practice I have found the borax tends to go deep into the bones and flushes them out. With additional magnesium supplement the bone spurs slows down. There are variations, such as applying magnesium chloride solution (60-70%) to the area, or the use of castor oil (they are thick) and sometimes need to mix with other oils a bit and then apply the area with a hot pack, to reduce the spurs. As for homeopathic borax, that doesn't seem to work, but worth the try. Usually homeopathic remedies worked best if the plant toxins, for example, such as belladonna, is used in highly diluted solutions, but homeopathic doses don't do well if the beginning materials are non-toxic or has very low toxicity. High toxic becomes beneficial in homeopathic dose because it doesn't overwhelm the immune systems.

As for swelling from baking soda, then potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate is better. Avoid salt as it tends to cause selling. Constipation and kidney problems tend to cause swelling of the feet, sometimes from heart congestion and high blood pressure. However, other causes of swelling are eating fried foods, use of oils in food, vegetable oils, fish oils are some few that causes swelling. In yet another cases, sweet fruits, corn syrup also adds to swelling. To reduce these swelling, sometimes people use urea taken as a supplement, such as 1/8 teaspoon in a 1/2 cup of water three or four times a day, seems to work. I tend to use urea in much lower dose in case those who do have swelling, but has low blood pressure is not effected. Urea tends to lower blood pressure by it's ability to be diuretic, without causing constipation as in green tea. One person who had swelling of feet constantly fell from a horse and was stepped on, so she had a lifetime swelling that was helped by bromelain pineapple enzyme, but yet in another case of swelling, the bromelain enzyme didn't work because this particular person had a pineapple allergy, which caused swelling. A sodium retention does occur if the person has high salt diet, but most frequently was high chlorine, high fluorine, from water chlorination and water fluoridation that is now common in the U.S. When the body uptake the chlorine from the showers, the body needs to neutralize the chlorine, but uptaking any existing sodium in the diets to neutralize the chloride acidity.. Hence, lowering sodium intake may not be wise if the cause is from chloride exposure, and fluoride exposure. The borax usually will displace the fluoride, but so will tamarind, a common fruit found in Asia, which effectively remove fluorides. The water used for shower therefore should be free of chlorides and fluorides.

Replied by Laurie
Flora, Il, Us

Ted, thank you for your response. Borax - Does it matter how much water is taken with the borax as long as it's 1 liter or more? I drink over 1 gal of filtered/ionized water every day and have been mixing 1/8 tsp in 1 gallon of ionized water and drinking it throughout the day for 3 days now. I take 1tsp in water of celtic sea salt included in my daily supplement regimen. Does it induce water retention the same as table salt? If not I could use the sea salt in cooking and for the table. You mentioned urea for the water retention in my feet and legs. I have been reading on this and would like to start for my many ailments.

My adrenals stopped functioning over a year ago and I have no drive or motivation and no energy and had to stop working. I am 58. Seven years ago a dentist used almagon fillings in three of my lower teeth. She said the cavities were so deep I might still have to have a root canal but first she would try the silver fillings as they would do a better job than the white.. My health started to deteriorate about a year after and I had no idea why and was told by my doctor my adrenals were low and to stop taking potassium and not to drink or eat anything that had potassium as it could kill me...

At some point I read online about the dangers of almagon fillings because of mercury and one of my doctors told me to have them removed and replaced with the white. I did as he said by a dentist friend of his and they neither knew it should be done by a dentist that is trained on how to remove the almagon without the gasses from the mercury going into the system of the patient. Needless to say my health went down rapidly afterward and only a few months ago I read online that a dentist had to be trained on the procedure and that mercury does not leave the system on its own... So now I am hoping the borax will remove the mercury and other heavy metals... I now realize I have fungus and candida from years of poor diet and have in the last months stopped eating sugar most fruits all fast food all prepared foods and in the last few weeks stopped eating pasta, potatoes and all wheat. I now only cook with organic extra Virgin Coconut Oil and use organic extra virgin olive oil and take flax oil. NO more of the store bought veg oils. As for the urea approach. I take prescription Diclofenac for arthritis in my knees and 300 mcg Levothyoxine for low thyroid. If I were to take my first urine of the day, will the prescription medication be a problem? - Also.. I get up multiple times during the night to urinate and take a swallow of water before I lay back down because I feel parched and cannot get back to sleep unless I do. Will this affect the potency of my first urine of the day?

As for vitamin c powder - is all ascorbic acid created equal ? In other words, if it's 100% ascorbic acid with no additives, are all brands the same ?

I love this site and pour over it daily. I have learned so much and cannot begin to express my appreciation and gratitude. I have no doubt that I have been on a fast train to an early grave and am now beginning to have some success and I have hope again. - God Bless You -