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Anxiety and Panic Attacks--12 Yrs

Posted by T (Anonymous) on 06/01/2012

Hey Ted, I been suffering with anxiety and Panic Attacks for the past 12 years, I been on Xanax 5g twice a day and Paxil 20 mg once a day. 2 years I started suffering from IBS, Acid Reflux and Nausea. From 2009 to 2011 I did smoke marijuana and I been clean for 7 months now, 2 month after I quit smoking, I got a Dizzy Spell the first day and then I started to have Ear Pain, Front Headache Pressure, Loss of Balance (Rocking Feeling like on a Boat Feeling), Back of my head Pain and Neck Pain, went to a ENT and told me I had an infection in my middle ear. within 5 months I went thru 5 Rounds of Antibiotics and got the infection under control but with all those symptoms it got my anxiety 20 times worst that cause me to have TMJ on my right side. I did a hearing test, MRI of the Brain all came out Normal. VNG Test and it showed my Left Ear with a differences from my right ear but ENT doctor said it not something to worry about. So I decided to take my own Saliva Hormone Test and a Micronutrients Test came out Deficient with Vitamin B12, Asparagine, Oleic Acid, Glutathione and Selenium. Borderline with Vitamin D3, Vitamin B3, Serine, Glutamine, Calcium, Zinc, Chromium.

About 3 months I started to Feel Numbness and Weakness in my Legs, like I can't hold my Weight up and my Knees are going to give out and my Arms started to feel Numbness too, like if I rub Bengay on my legs and Arms, Feeling Cold, Numbness and Tingling feeling. Right now I'm Still feeling Pressure in my Head, feel like behind my Eyes, making it hard to focus, Neck Pain and Back of the Head Pain all day and Back Hurting me all day, Fatigue, Shortness of Breath through the day everyday, just want to Sleep all day with no Energy, When I Stand up for a short period of time I feel my legs pulsing and Feel every exhausted. You think is a Virus? You think I should take Lysine and Threonine with B3 Treatment? Thank You for your Time and Any suggestions on supplements or Treatments would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First things first. The anxiety will be helped with B3, at least 500 mg. and may benefit even more with taking 250 mg three times a day. The wonderful thing about DHEA is it seems to eliminate most viruses and bacteria out there, but it needs to be taken 25 mg x 4 and even more to make the difference. B12 helps sleeping but must be taken in evening at least 1000 mcg or 1 mg. Low energy will be helped mostly by N Acetyl cysteine as precursors to glutathione and selenium yeast 600 mcg a day, that's 200 mcg x 3. I would at least concentrate on those. The problem about most present day diagnostics is it is weak on analyzing accurately the 9 essential amino acids, but anyway, to get rid of acid reflux, it usually takes a month, if you take lysine 1000 mg four times a day at least. It is caused by a stomach having wounds that refused to heal. It will really help if aloe vera oil is also taken and some humic acid (1/16 teaspoon of powder) once a day to kill the h. pylori also. As to your lack of balance problem I believe it is the virus, and the remedy that's needed is lysine every hour for four hours. So the lysine can be given hourly instead of throughout the day and takes generally 1 week to 2 weeks to cure the condition or go into remission. It also helps that during the treatment of acid reflux that digestive enzymes are taken before and after every meal to prevent them, also humic acid really stops them immediately within minutes of taking them, but to cure the wounds in the stomach which is causing it, you really need at least supplementation of lysine for a whole month. And to prevent future viral infection taken at least one month of zinc supplement should help.


Replied by Chet
Haarlem, Netherlands

Hi T from anonymous, I read your post and would like to tell you one thing. Your symptoms can ALL be caused by a deficiency of B12. Since you told me that a test confirmed this deficiency you should supplement it probably forever. If you have a diet which is non vegan it is highly unlikely that you are deficient because you did not get enough B12 through your diet. This means that there is another reason why you have problems absorbing the vitamin. Unless you can fix the cause you will have to supplement B12 forever. You would have to use a subligual supplement and not a normal oral supplement because you probably have an absorption problem. Take 2x 1000mcg per day of Adenosylcobalamin. Those are two active forms of B12 and will be absorped directly into the blood when put underneath your tongue. Also check this website and see how your symptoms match: http://b12awareness.org/about-b12/signs-symptoms-neurologic-psychiatric-hematologic-infants-children/ .

Hope this helps. I am almost 100% sure this is the main cause of your symptoms. The fact that you were considered deficient by this test tells me a lot because the serum values of B12 that are considered to be normal in these test are far too low. In other words you are really deficient. In Japan they are now supplementing people with B12 when your serum value of B12 drops below 550 and in your country (US I suppose) they use a value of 150 I believe which is far too low.