Tiny Eruptions on Both Cheeks

Posted by Sheryl on 07/14/2007

I am concerned about some particular kind of tiny eruptions on both cheeks just below the eyes. I have developed them after my son was born. These eruptions are different because they won't go away instead they were increasing in number. After oil pulling they haven't increased but I haven't got rid of them either. Earlier these eruptions were puffed up but now they are flat. I should be having them for almost 2 years now.. please tell ted, how can I get rid of them. And also suggest something for a better facial skin I don't want to see wrinkles on my face yet.I am 32 years old. Can u tell me what are these eruptions called? Waiting to hear from you. Thank you. Sheryl

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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As to the skin eruptions, those are a bit more difficult to resolve. However, it is a well known fact that free radical heavy metals are oil soluble and oily foods used in stir fried cooking (might be common in some Indian cooking) causes the oils to act like sponge and absorb free metals, either free radical metal iron, nickel, and perhaps other trace metals of cadmium and other things. As a result it is generally best to avoid oily foods as it oils block normal hormonal functions responsible for immune system, which if suppressed may cause skin eruptions. Regardless of the name, a skin eruption is either deep below the skin, in the middle layer of the skin, or near the top, which manifests itself as a pimple. If it is bad one that goes deep than it becomes a boils. In this case regardless of the name, the body's immune system is suppressed from oil foods or heavy metals. As well as capillary constriction from acidosis. Assuming heavy metals, oily foods are avoided and alkalizing is practiced. That leaves the deficiency of zinc and blood sugar spikes as the cause, sometimes bought from a sweet binge, eating ice cream more than usual. The remedy here I think requires zinc gluconate taken twice a week for only 2-3 weeks should be sufficient, abstinence of sweet foods and oily foods.

Especially heavy dinner meals. It is necessary to get the urinary pH near 7 when alkalizing so that the sweat glands open and clear itself up. The reason why it clogs is the sweat is concentrated, too oily and the fats become rancid due to lack of antioxidants such as vitamin E, molybdenum, and zinc.