Fruitarian with Facial Acne

Posted by S (London) on 12/06/2012

Hi Ted, Back in October 2011, I started eating bananas only as a diet, basically a fruitarian but mainly bananas, with around 2000 calories at day (51 kilos) my forehead started breaking out so I did b12 shots course 1 shot daily for a week, them one shot weekly for a month, which did not help and it may made it worst, I knew I had to start eating greens but at this point was still eating bananas, after 3-4 months I started eating cooked grains together with banana smoothies, and varied more my diet, and my acne went from my forehead to my cheeks, I noticed that tanning helps and exercises helps also eating big salads. I tried zinc, b5, cinnamon, chromium, which I feel sometimes helps but it has not been a cure, my cheeks are dry not oily, which its confusing, also notice increase in facial hair.

Now days, I eat no bananas, but hemp protein, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, few brazil nuts, millet, vegetables, basicly trying to keep a low glycemic vegan diet. still getting 3-4 big comedones in cheeks, blackheads in cheeks and nose, whiteheads speacially in forehead and scars specially in cheeks (pitted-hyperpigmentation). Im gonna be living in London, so I think I will have to take vitamin d supplements as Im dark skinned. I would like to keep my diet vegan and find a way to resolve my acne. I guessing something with my hormones, blood glucose levels, or a defficiency. Im latin, 27 yo. No children. never on the pill. Many thanks in advance!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The glycemic index is a bit of disinformation. For one thing, bananas and other fruits have a low glycemic index, but the fructose damages by a backdoor mechanism in humans (the body controls sugar by blood glucose!) , and there is such a thing as fructose intolerance. I prefer to call it fructose toxicity because humans can do well without the fructose.

The reason for a majority of the cancers in Thailand is due to excess fructose consumption, in almost every client I ask (except one which was high chocolate intake) about their dietary habits, it is linked to fructose intake, such as bananas, pineapples, coconut juice, etc. before they have cancer.

The one thing that Dr. Royal Rife missed in his medium to grow cancer, was the fructose to grow the cancer viruses, which would make it easier to grow cancer in a culture dish but he did manage to grow with a Tyrode solution, which contains sugar which is 50% fructose. Bacteria and viruses need simple sugar to grow, and the immune system is off for at least 2 hours whenever sugar is taken. And this may be responsible for the skin outbreak.

In any case, the skin will clear up if urea is used as a skin solution, and intake of urea, which can come from eating more high-purine foods or taking more urea or urine therapy. The amount of urea needed I estimate is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon four times a day, and applied as a skin lotion, and put in 1 teaspoon per 250 cc solution of shampoo. The only way to gauge your sugar consumption is to ignore the Glycemic index, and use the Glucose Meter, and keep below 90 mg/dL, I think the glycemic index is largely ineffective. The immune systems turns off if the blood sugar is above 100 mg/dL, 1 to 2 hours after a meal, but you must also avoid fried foods (vegetable oils as they are trans fat) and sugar intake from fruits and honey too, as they contain fructose. The other is most people have a zinc and lysine deficiency whenever they have skin problems, which by the way lysine does lower the blood glucose too.

You have to understand that being a vegan accelerates the aging process (old looking) from a protein deficiency and urea deficiency. It's the price you pay for being a vegan, and does not prevent you from getting cancer (it's all about the sugar). You can compare with other people of similar age group who are more meat eaters (they have problems too, from cooked meats which leads to constipation and cholesterol mostly from fried foods too). Nothing in this world is perfect, but you have to understand that, the best path for optimum nutrition is actually an omnivorous diet, which humans actually are. But that's another story.


Replied by Shigure

Is there a way to avoid looking old as a vegan? I am vegan for 3 year only now but I am afraid after reading what you said. You said that problem is protein deficiency and urea. Can I somehow correct that still being a vegan?