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Ted's Remedies

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 01/27/2008

Over the past couple of days I have been researching and performing experiments to find a remedy based on looking into the cause of emphysema/COPD.

Since a large majority of people had emphysema came from smoking I further investigated what components of smoking was responsible for the emphysema and why this situation can't be reversed, but what I found is that it CAN be reversed.

If we look into the components of the smoke as well as photos of lung samples of people with emphysema, this should give you a fair idea what is causing the problem. A smoke from a cigarettes has many volatile oils, smoke particulates, naphtha, nicotine, and tar. What is most interesting is that volatile oils are volatile, so that won't have a lasting effect on the lungs. A smoke particulates basically is expelled when mucus is created, and are often coughed out. A naphtha is less volatile and may slowly sublime. This leaves the sticky resinous component that most people call it tar. It shows itself as dark very sticky spots on the lungs. These resinous sticky black substance are non volatile. It is hydrophobic and can't be dissolved with water, mucous can't lift it out because it is sticky. The body under normal conditions can't remove the tar.

These black resin or rosin substance that is very sticky from a plant and has some smoke particulates, but mostly it is referred to as pitch (resin) that stays into the lung forever and the tar accumulates along the lifetime of the smoker and therefore the lungs get more black tar making breathing more difficult. Therefore a simple remedy is simply to find a suitable solvent that will dissolve the tar. Since a tar is hydrophobic, it is somewhat soluble, mostly anyways in alcohol solution. But in organic chemistry the universal organic solvent (almost) that is biologically safe is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) or a sister MSM which may be a good solvent to dissolve the tar found in the lungs. I remembered at the time of storing a smoker's lung as a student but was particularly lazy and put them into an unknown solution which later proved to be DMSO which removed the tar out of the lungs thus irritating the teacher that I just cleaned out the smokers lungs! At the time I was not aware of the link between emphysema and smokers lung. Another suitable substance of MSM can also be used to dissolve the tar which caused the emphysema. Once the tar removes itself the lungs will no longer have the tar to block the breathing sacs of the aveolar. Not only that but the tar won't cause the irritations to the lungs which leads to inflammation, thus choking the vicitims whenever breathing passages are narrowed from the inflammation.

Therefore a simple remedy is either DMSO or MSM. So I decided to test this by getting a coal tar solution and burn the alcohol off leaving a sticky substance. I added some DMSO and see if they were any soluble to the coal tar. Surprisingly the DMSO was quite soluble of coal tar. As to whether MSM is equally soluble as a DMSO, it may not be as much, but at least what is known is it is can also be used to dissolve a wide range of organic solvents including cigarettes tar. The issue appears to be to take MSM or DMSO in high amounts necessary to remove them may take some time, but continued use will reduce the tar buildup that cause black lungs or black dots as the tar will dissolve itself whenever the blood his high in MSM or DMSO and is eliminated out slowly in the bloodstream as the capilaries with the DMSO, where the tar resin resides get dissolved. Another more direct way is to use a DMSO nebulizer, but so that the DMSO won't cause skin irritation, at least for me a 30-50% DMSO mixed with water should cause minimum irritation, while more dilute may limit its solubility of tar, ti will at least slowly dissolve itself without the irritation. It is therefore needed that to find a higher DMSO concentration used as nebulizers that doesn't cause irritation. So for me an ideal concentration appears to be about 50%, a more conservative number might be 30% so it is possible that some people can try higher concentration that does not cause irritation, but 30-50% is usually the best concentration to at least give it a try for me. When DMSO as nebulizers enter the lungs the resins will uptake the DMSO and gets dissolve. So that not TOO MUCH dissolved out of the lungs into the bloodstream, it should not be done too long such that a person becomes nauseated.

This I might also follow with taking some MSM as MSM don't have the oysters smell, such as one tablespoon with plenty of water. It should be noted that MSM that I tried in the past, if taken too much may lead to sudden thirst in water. This is because MSM has an effect of purifying the body ridding of other resinous material in the body which leads to regularly occuring allergy in certain areas of the body instead of other parts. Resinous tar substance that accumulates in the body is also removed whenever MSM or DMSO is taken, but rather slowly.

Therefore the best remedy based on physical evidence appears to be the use of MSM, the more I can take the better the body can get rid of the substance, but at the time a nebulizer DMSO should also be used. I remember someone has tried for emphysema and was helpful, but at the time no one was aware of how DMSO or MSM works, how much or how long and what it does and then since everyone was at a loss for explaination, the placebo effect was assumed or since no proper explaination was available, everyone at the forum simply forgot about the remedy or its potential effectiveness.

EC: Please read our feedback page on MSM, including little known side effects.

Replied by Steve M
Brisbane, Qld
Hi, I'm 47, male and have COPD. I've been a very heavy smoker for most of my adult life. I have asthma also. Recent xrays of my lungs, show all are clear. Having read this info, I have ordered some DMSO to try with my nebuliser at a 1:1 ratio with water or saline solution.

My only real concern, is if I DON'T have any (or much) tar in my lungs, will the DMSO be doing any damage to the surface of them?

Replied by Freda
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
This message is for : Ted from Bangkok, Thailand 01/27/2008:. In your post RE: DMSO and MSM you say that it will help with copd, Can you specifically tell me if you still believe this and if you do can you give me the amounts to be taken. I have tried asking others for help to no avail. Do you still believe in this method will work for COPD???
Replied by Linda
Deming, NM, USA
From this post I cannot locate any reference to anyone actually using this therapy and the results and side effects if any. Could ANYONE who has tried the dmso nebulized please post relevant results. My husbands health is fragile and I am hesitant to try this until I can see if anyone has had success or problems. Thanks to anyone who can update this subject. Linda
Replied by Tricia
West Newfield, Maine
Hi Ted, I was wondering what the right dose for dmso in a nebulizer. I'm a 44 year old female, 5'1" 105lbs. Also want to know how often and how long I should do this treatment.Thank you for your help. Tricia

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