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Seeking Ted's Help for Mother with COPD

Posted by Peggy (Missouri, USA) on 01/31/2015

Hi Ted,

First of all thank you for all your time and energy you put into helping so many people. I have used lots of the remedies from you and Earth Clinic over the years and I really appreciate it.

Second, my mother has COPD. She seems to be healthy otherwise. Her blood pressure is usually good, she not diabetic either. They just tested these things. Her breathing is so bad she ended up in the hospital for 8 days and now they have her in rehab for a few weeks. In the hospital they gave her high doses of steroids and antibiotics. Now the Nursing home/Rehab have weaned her off of those. While she was on the steroids she was doing really good. Now that she is off them she is really getting short of breath again. She is on oxygen all the time.

They only other thing about her is that her stomach swells up and she gets bloated sometimes after she eats.

Is there anything she can do for the COPD and shortness of breath as well as the stomach issue? She doesn’t really want to have to stay on steroids all the time because we know they are not good for you all the time.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
COPD might be helped with glutathione or its precursors such as N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg three or four times a day and taurine 1000 mg three times a day. Glycine 3000 mg with lysine 1000 mg three times a day to help repair the lungs as well as vitamin C and Q10. To help her breathe hyaluronic acid 4 or 5 times a day 100 mg with plenty of water. The stomach swelling is helped with B6 50 mg three time a day preferably before meals. She has some form of allergies caused by a fungus maybe borax 1/10 teaspoon in one liter of water may also reduce this fungus. So avoid cheese, chocolates, and especially wheat, wheat flour, bread, cakes, cookies, switch the grain to rice is a lot safer preferably brown rice. Ted

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