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Kind of Water

If distilled water is not good, what kind of water do you
recommend?...we have a reverse osmosis system in our house. Previously I drank distilled water...it is confusing to know the correct, healthy thing to do...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I would recommend mineral water. Reverse Osmosis is too demineralized. People who lived in areas of hard water have low incidences in many diseases, especially where magnesium is higher relatively to calcium had a much lower incident in heart attacks and other diseases and can be clearly seen.

Finland used to have the world's highest cardiovascular diseases because their water were high in calcium when compared to magnesium, while Japan had a high magnesium to calcium and yet they have the world's lowest heart attack. The funny thing about it, Finland later found out about it and made some changes in their supplies and now have statistics equal to Japan.

Of course the main culprit is chlorine, fluoride and calcium, in that order. You cannot raise chickens, pigs and cows with high chlorine, they all die early of heart diseases. So what is done in the industry is to add a water dechlorinator, the same kind that is used in aquarium stores to rid chlorine of it. The chemical name is sodium thiosulfate.

The other issue being that your body needs an adequate buffer, so adding potassium and sodium bicarbonate to your drinking water really helps. Adequate buffers allows your body's pH to be stable and makes your quite resistant to virus, and bacteria.

Defluoridate your water by adding a pinch of supermaket borax to your liter of drinking water will prevent fluorides from harming and calcifying your pineal gland and destroying your melatonin levels.

Finally adding 1/4 teaspoon of good sea salt per liter of water to your drinking water will really remineralize the water.

In aquarium fish tanks, pH, buffer, salinity, mineralization, water hardness, are important with the health of your fish. If this is important, than our own body's are just like fish tanks, you have to be vigilant in controlling them also.

Most of all keep your calcium managed by vitamin Ds, but DON'T take calcium supplements. Please refer to a book - "The Calcium Bomb". This is one
reason why many alternative health out there are starting to recommend "no milk" or "no dairy".

Taking these few recommended steps you will see your health improved within a week. So start monitoring how you feel and you will know what is right.