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Hyaluronic Acid for Degenerating Neck

Posted by S (Anon) on 11/24/2012

My Mom's neck is degenerating. I read your post on HA. Is that what you would recommend? Where can i get a raw formulation of it? She also has fibromyalgia and is addicted to cigarettes. And she has an ulcer. What do you recommend?

Replied by Ron45
White Oaks, N.M., USA

The thing that I wonder about is the amount of salt. Especially 9 grams in just a pint of water. If we are reading about hyaluronic acid we are probably over fifty. Is there some chemistry reason for so much salt? Does some of the salt get converted to something more innocuous in a reaction with the HA? If not why add salt at all?

And this business about growing hair... how about some pictures? Unretouched of course.

Seems like if this were true the server for this site would melt under the weight of eager consumers.


Replied by Ron45
White Oaks, N.M., USA

Re Ted's explanation of disc pathology, I'm not educated in medicine so my questions arise out common sense for lack of a better phrase. I read alot about health issues and favor approaching problems form the sort of direction taken by many here. So that said, Ted can you please point me to the source of your info identifying bacteria as the cause of the degeneration.

I like to understand things for myself and appreciate the amount of help you offer to those of us with questions. Listening to your explanation, which didn't address anything I asked about, but that's ok. With nothing else but your info and my curiosity I say to myself. Are the bacteria the cause or just a cleanup operation or something else yet unidentified? Not having a medical education, I'm free to speculate ad nauseam about these little guys. I.E. many bacteria can be controlled by one antibiotic or another. So why wouldn't some course of IV meds send the little fellas to their next set of changes? And, thereby ending further degeneration. I'm sure I'm missing something important but I just want more info please.

That said I'd like to restate my first question. Does anyone know why add salt at all? Does the salt help dissolve the HA? There seems to be a lot of folks who have trouble getting the HA into solution. Not being a chemist either I can imagine that the salt has some role to play in many situations and maybe a teaspoon and a half in say, 15 ozs of water is not overdoing it but again I'd like to know a little more about what is happening or not happening with the salt in there. Most peoples do not suffer from salt deficiency so it's from that perspective I wonder about the salt. Thanks if you can shed some light.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First off degeneration is caused by an unidentified bacteria, the common one is cornyebacterium, which are anaerobic and exist around the disks which causes the degeneration. A quick cure is hyaluronic acid (HA), which will cause the thinning of the disk to be inflated with HA, normalizing the disk. The other one is to kill them, so it won't infect the disks, all I know is to use a rife or sound in those area, which was posted recently. The formula I use is sea salt 5 grams to 10 grams of sea salt and HA 0.5 grams, mixed with 500 cc of water, dissolved. Keep refrigerated unused portions. The dose is 3 capfuls 3 times a day.

An easy cure for fibromyalgia is lysine 1000 mg every hour for four hours, along with NAC, 250 mg. It should bring some relief in 3 hours, taken for 3 days, should bring improvement.

Replied by Marialba

Please can you tell me the recipe and where to buy the HA .....looking forward to regenerate 2 cervical disks to get my life back! Thank you, Marialba

Replied by Devon

Ted, this is mind blowing information -- almost hard to believe. I have really bad daily aching Facet Joint Arthritis some regenerated cartilage would change my whole life. Everything available in Western Medicine generally suggests it can not be done. Sometimes Amazon prime is useful -- my HA will be here tomorrow.