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Farmers have known long ago feeding humic acid literally cures cows of mastitis, makes manure odorless, makes animals more docile, helps pigs, chickens, etc. be productive and reduce the need for antibiotics. Due to its antibiotic, antiviral the animals seems to recover quicker. One quick note, if you put too much humic acid (granules) more than 0.5% w/w in their feeds, some will get diarrhea for first 1-2 days - much has to do with detoxification. But after that they are normal. I have heard amazing stories about humic acid which I do not want to mention over the email. However for dogs, it helps them with their allergies, and helps dog recover faster from "unknown sickness". My veterinarian here (in Thailand) has a 100% failure rate; if I sent a sick dog to him, he will return me with a dead dog. As a result, I decided to feed my dog with humic acid mixed with vinegar. The amount is small, enough to make the solution light brown or dark brown after mixing in the water the dogs drink. Not only does the dog drink it, I myself use it to reduce the severity of cold virus.

It is presently being used in treatment of cancer, virus, as well as reduced tissue rejection, and treatment of burn victims. I like it because it helps me with better concentration.

You can get some cursory information from this website:

Which tells a little bit more. However, I got creative. I mixed H2O2 plus vinegar and enough humic acid to mixed to get a dark brown solution. The humic acid I used is a granulated kind. Of course you can get some more information (more formal) from this place:


Some people really got fancy and used fulvic acid portion during the brewing process of silver colloids to helps better absorption of silver to the body to improved its antibiotic and antiviral strength.

I find however, from an ancient Chinese text, that the treatment of hemorhagic virus using humic acid much more interesting. In general I used humic acid as a general cure-all much similar to apple cider vinegar. However, I mixed vinegar with humic acid - instead of using apple cider vinegar due to budgetary constraints of buying organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

A side note to use of apple cider vinegar: I find use of acv alone is not effective. I add one teaspoon of H2O2 3% plus 1 tablespoon of vinegar plus a large pinch of baking soda (reactions becomes sodium acetate) I get better results. Apparently your body also needs some buffer to get rid of colds. I further modified using humic acid. I hope that doesn't sound counfusing. This is because all the mentioned mixtures have strong antiviral antibacterial properties. I used it since the colds has been really infectious and really resistant lately."