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Where to Buy Fulvic Acid in Thailand?

Posted by Raewyn (Phuket, Thailand) on 04/05/2009

hi ted. i live in phuket and would like to know how and where i could buy fulvic acid from. I also have a 9 yr old son, would it be safe to give him this as a supplement and what dosage and schedule would be best for him and for my self (35yrs - female). Many thanks. Rae

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Thailand doesn't sell fulvic acid, I got mine from an unusual means from a manufacturer in Australia, and sometimes from China sources and got them in bulk as in 1-2 kilogram. So it's going to last forever at this amount, since only mg dose is used is very roughly 5 mg. - 10 mg.

However, a humic acid maybe purchased from a chemical supplier in Bangkok but it is not likely to get them in Phuket, Pattaya, or Chiangmai, which are known tourist destination areas, but not popular on alternative medicines except the bare essentials, such as foot massage, spa aromatherapy and other salon like health businesses. There's no health stores in Bangkok except GNC, and even with GNC we have restrictive FDA here that doesn't even allow a lot of supplements imported here.

In any event the ones I purchased, assuming I have to obtained them in Thailand is to get humic acid put in a water with a sodium thiosulfate treated, with plenty of sea salt as a preservative and additon of more minerals here too. Humic acid contains around 2-5%. So the dose in actual use is still low, even in humic acid. So a teaspoon of humic acid mixed with 2 teaspoon of sea salt with 5-10 drops of 10% sodium thiosulfate for example, in a 500 cc bottle of distilled water I may use between 1-3 tablespoons per use. But that's my approach because I generally don't buy them commercially prepared. It's too expensive for me and I have better control of what I want out of a humic acid.

A humic acid can be purchased from a plant nursery in the States, but in Thailand is available at a chemical supplier at Rajdamnern Road area (there are many establishments there) as a humic acid. It's possible to sanitized them before use by adding a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, before preparing the mixes as mentioned in the above.

A much simpler, assuming we just want the minerals, instead of the fulvic, which may assist in completeness digestion that is unique to humic and fulvic acid, a sea salt also have many minerals also. Two sources are possible, local Thai sea salt available through salt farms along Thai coastal areas and a packaged sea salt for fish aquarium which have clearly lable minerals sold in many aquarium fish shops in many major Shopping centers here.


Replied by Bob Rick

Thanks Ted, starting using fulvic acid formula as a nutritional supplement to my diet. Do not really have any health problems or concerns but did notice some changes after 2 weeks using this formula.

My hydration level has gone up from roughly 50% to 57.8%. My bone mass went from 8.1 to 8.4 and I lost @ 5 pounds over this 2 weeks period.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The fulvic acid increase absorption of minerals much of current knowledge is unknown but mostly beneficial and a component of shilajit or bhagzan in Butan. Most Eastern medicine put them in most herbal medications. One person I know who once lived in India for 4 years never have a single cold by taking small dose of humic acid mixed with sea salt while all her friends get the colds nearly every month. Why? The land you grow in India is so depleted of minerals that is chelated by natural processes. Humates and fulvates is completely eliminated in modern diets that we have diseases and purification of water has no humates because we used chlorination as the excuse what we need is UV or ozone treatment of water. Hydration levels is important for bone mass and relates to completeness of mineralization. Weight loss is related to completeness of mineralization in the body. Once hydation is there circulation is improved throughout the body. Which means toxins are removed more efficiently. Most cancer patient hydration is poor or congested.