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Bicarbonate Loading for Performance?

Posted by Bryce

I am looking for information about bicarbonate loading as far as sports and athletic performance is concerned. I would appreciate any info you could help me find.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Bryce: Bicarbonate loading is an old topic. Bicarbonate prevents lactic acid buildup and is helpful in strenuous exercise, especially short distance running, for example. Alkalinity buffer of sodium bicarbonate prevents buildup of lactic acid. What is not mentioned is the necessity of balance of Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Bicarbonate, extracellularly and intracellularly. Briefly you take about 2-3 teaspoon of baking soda about 90 minutes before a very heavy exercise. Since baking soda is somewhat alkali it will also help the body to increase oxygen uptake as well. Some studies show that short distance sprinting helps running faster also. However, it is not helpful for long distance since you need other nutrition instead. Of course the side effect can be constant burping and possibly diarrhea if taken too much. My experience has been if your body buffer is very lacking, the burping will be excessive indicating you have bicarbonate deficiency. Those whose bodies are not properly buffered will not experience any burping or very small amounts. Also, if your body is not used to taking large amounts, you will get loose stools. If you take them regularly or when you are sick, then the body will get used to it and no longer have loose stools. Soda loading also helps recovery from strenuous exercise faster. The reason why I mentioned magnesium bicarbonate is to help mitochondria function more efficiently as well and might help your body become more energetic. Of course, exercising that requires some from of oxygen deficit will be experience and therefore you may need other nutrients such as calcium pyruvate, malic acid (after you buffered them down with sodium bicarbonate). This will help the body undergo more strenuous exercise without greater dependence on oxygen. This also includes vitamin E, etc. Most energy drinks or electrolyte water contains Water, glucose, potassium and sodium in the right portions, what is lacking is magnesium which is very much needed by athletes. Therefore I strongly recommend you take the holistics approach. For all proper nutrition to enter Acetyl-Cysteine and alpha lipoic is needed so that the body can sustain energy without needing too much oxygen as well.

Also, sodium phosphate loading is sometimes used to increase the body's oxygen content as well. I have attached some literature on soda loading dosages in this email as well.

Here is a link which is more scientific:

Below is some literature on soda loading:

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