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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/21/2003 391 posts

I finally have the time to answer your important query on Sports Nutrition. As I said before, I once consulted with a major college on sports nutrition, which was instrumental in winning the national competition. The athletic performance was enough to make a difference between winning and loosing on a regular basis. It was so important that the college wanted the information be kept confidential as to what I did there, but it is not confidential as to what kinds of nutritional was helpful in the area of sports nutrition, since the subject is based on research.

Firstly, Magnesiumis perhaps the single most important mineral to sports nutrition that I can imagine - no sports nutritionist will dare tell you this but they all know it!

This is especially true if the magnesium is in the form of Magnesium Bicarbonate. Clearlyover 90% of the U.S. population is magnesium deficient. This is true ESPECIALLY of athletes. During vigorous exercise, people loose through their sweat critical minerals, the most important being magnesium. There are two magnesium antagonists, which lessen our body's magnesium: potassium and calcium. A PROPER electrolyte water must not contain only potassium, chloride, but it MUST CONTAIN magnesium. However, even Gatorade does not have this. If you studied biochemistry, you would know that in the great majority of our body's biochemical processes, magnesium is the most important mineral of all.

Adequate magnesium level will help your body against fatigue, heat exhaustion, blood sugar control, and metabolism. An optimal level of magnesium if it is in the form of Magnesium Chloride is about 3 grams. Magnesium bicarbonate is not sold and you must make it yourself by bubbling CO2 in magnesium bicarbonate, which is not practical for you. Therefore, Magnesium Chloride is more practical. Mix Magnesium Chloride in water. However, start slow with 1-2 grams. Take plenty of water. A pinch of sea salt (1/8 teaspoon) per liter of water is also added. This is the secret why athletes die young -- magnesium levels in tissue analysis were found to be quite low. This is one reason why young athletes have heart attacks. A leading indicator of magnesium deficient heart problems is when you sleep, you have a bad nightmare, or you suddenly wake with what felt like an electrical shock. These are early signs of magnesium deficiency. Taking magnesium will get rid of this problem w ithin 30 minutes! Athletic performance from this one mineral alone more than increased endurance in marathon runners.

The second important factor in sports nutrition that I found was that athletes have acid blood pH. This can be easily remedied through the use of a simple baking soda. The amount to take is estimated to optimally to be 3-5 grams. I am divulging all these secrets that sports nutrition experts are guarding with their lives! When blood pH remains in alkaline state, our body's ability to buffer lactic acid, which causes muscular pain after a vigorous exercise, will go away fairly quickly. What is most important about baking soda is its ability to buffer and get rid of carbon dioxide waste from the body quickly enough and at the same time, dissolved oxygen is increased several fold due to improved buffering capacity of the blood. We loose a lot of bicarbonates in the sweat, which is why we must replenish them. I must remind you again that many sports nutritionist keep this as a big secret but since I am no longer working in this field, I will tell you.

The third factor in sports nutrition are the other micro minerals, such as zinc, chromium and selenium. For some reason, these minerals are lost in the sweat and are difficult to replenish. When it is severe enough, athletes collapse for no apparent reason. To prevent this disaster, these supplements will eliminate most unexplained health problems amongst athletes.

Finally, I top the supplements with the recommendation for brewer's yeast, which for some reason has been shown to improve athletic performance. A well-balanced, liquid protein supplement and complete essential and non-essential amino acids are very helpful in recovery and athletic concentration, especially in areas that require some concentration such as karate, marksmanship, soccer, golf, diving, and tennis. While it is true that our body can produce all the non-essential amino acids, apparently the body does not provide the even 1/10 the optimal amino acids needed by the body due to imperfect metabolism and body's nutrient absorption.

The use of hydrogen peroxide mixed in drinking water (0.25% concentration), negative ions (in use during training) is one of the secrets in Russian Olympics training session also.

The taboo (the unmentionables) in sports nutrition is seaweed. Seaweed is a major iodine bioavailable source, such as kelp. Most of the U.S. athletes have a low grade iodine deficiency and it is more common than you think- over 80%. This is especially true when you go 25 years of age. The reason being that the use of chlorinated water, and fluoridated toothpaste and pesticides competes with iodine and bring about iodine deficiency despite the fact that all of salt in U.S. is iodized. During my days as a sports nutritionist, all water had to be de chlorinated using a dechlorinator I bought from an aquarium shop. This helped to reduce weight (for some reason or just a coincidence) in many of the athletes. Apparently the less the chlorine, the better their metabolism! Since I got paid for athletic performance improvement, there was so much stress from the job (the pay was also low). So despite the outstanding performance from athletes I got, I had to quit. Of course, after I quit, the athletic performance immediately went from outstanding national steam to mediocre at best. Since this was this job was many years ago, I might have forgotten some other details but what I give you in this email are the major ones.

Please understand that sport nutrition is just one field. Another field that I did not mention is sports medicine. Recovery is a big problem in medicine and a devotion through the use of magnets and mega doses of vitamins is commonly used in sports medicine to help save recovery time. Aloe vera, allantoin, and DMSO are also used here. The use of DMSO to treat inflammation, Vitamin C, Vitamin E (really helps with exhaustion also) is especially important. Amino acid and protein are also extremely important needed for body to heal. Also, you should consider using North Pole Magnets for treatment. They are popularly used in sports medicine, but I do not know why they are not mentioned much. Consider treatment with a weak DMSO solution mixed with water for bruises and cuts. Before treatment wash clean and try a small sections and see what happens. I have this theory that body can recovery injury faster if you have humic acid, I noticed, based on my experience treating acne and wounds.