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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/02/2009 391 posts

A few more:

1. A disodium EDTA is acid and needs to be neutralize with an alkaline, preferably both baking soda and potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate.

2. A tetrasodium EDTA is an alkaline and doesn't need to neutralize the acidity, but is generally balanced with the addition of potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate.

3. The use of sodium carbonate (washing soda) ALWAYS require the addition of potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate, so that the sodium will be neutralize by the potassium. A baking soda can be added so that the sodium carbonate can reach less accessible parts of the body's extremities where acidity is high or where the body's metabolic activity is high, as in the brain so that it won't short out and prevent epileptic seizures by cooling down the brain activity.

4. When using any bicarbonates or any alkaline, you cannot use soda water or soda pop. The carbonated drinks will destroy much of the body's available bicarbonate by depletion very quickly. So a carbonated water cannot be used with most alkaline except in one instance: magnesium carbonate. The acidity of the soda water will react with magnesium carbonate to form magnesium bicarbonate, which makes the body able to utilize the magnesium better.


Replied by Rhonda
Lakewood, Ca

Dear Ted,

Do u giv advice on thyroid nodules? If so, I would like to know what can be done to get rid of nodules. I had a thermogram in place of biopsy. What is your opinion on reliability of thermogram? It measures heat. According to result, lack of heat indicates benign. Don't want to have them surgically removed. Have tried Synthroid, Levo, T3, & Armour. Felt terrible On Latter 2. Is iodine ok to take? Am hypo & suffer from Hashimotos. Pls email me. I take your advice seriously as I credit u w/saving my life when I was suffering from Severe acid reflux and your remedies cured. I also Have taken Your flu remedies w/very good results. Thx Ted:)

Replied by Rhonda
Lakewood, Ca

Hello again, Ted. Could u pls post your response here so that everyone can see? Also, my ND prescribed Thyroxal w/bovine thyroid glandular and I am wondering what Ted would suggest? Thx again.