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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/03/2003 388 posts

There are actually many kinds of mouth detox, but the ones I use most frequently are:

1. Anti-Bacterial mouth detox. Hydrogen peroxide 1%

2. Anti-Fungal mouth detox. Borax hydrogen peroxide 1%

3. Acid Tongue mouth detox. Baking soda & Water

4. Anti-viral mouth detox. Peppermint oil and menthol crystal. (I take it internally also them to stop virus and cough and do blood detoxification as these components seem to inactivate the virus and goes out the urine to become cloudy.

5. Heavy metal Detox. Oil pulling with peppermint oil, or in some cases added tea tree. Cod liver oil I think is better than sunflower oil, but the problem seems obvious, they are not easily found and quite expensive.

There are more, but those are the main ones.

Oil pulling removes heavy metals from your body, including the heavy metal filings with exception of ceramic fillings. All this is just my experience. You have to decide yourself to do oil pulling or not. If you don't want to rid of fillings and hence heavy metals, then oil pulling should not be done. A preferred remedy that has less negative effect then oil pulling is a simple mouth detox, which is simply saturated solution baking soda and one drop peppermint mouthwash. This one will have the least problems in that it doesn't remove the fillings, but seems to be protective of enamel degradation.


Replied by Ted

We asked Ted how long one should swish a remedy for... His response: "Mouth Detox: Depending on the condition of the mouth.

For halitosis, a mouth detox would require ten minutes of swishing.

For acid tongue it will require much longer time such as 30 minutes and done several times throughout the day.

For normal people, which means they are likely to be acid, then 5 minutes is my estimate. Of course, in rare cases if the salivary pH is alkaline exceeding pH of 7.5, you may not need it, but dietary controls avoiding phosphate rich foods are in order.