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Safe During Pregnancy?

Posted by Teresa (Torrance, California) on 04/15/2007

Is it safe to use a mouth detox rinse for heavy metals while pregnant?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For more sensitive people a couple of minutes such as less than 2-3 minutes would be more sufficient to remove the metals from the body. I know this, because I tested the presence of heavy metals to be positive after doing them for only 2-3 minutes of swishing. This seems to provide the least problems. In case you do have problems, you can discontinue. The safest oil to use, based on my own observation, at least the heavy metals detox, is the extra virgin olive oil. Do the mouth detox only AFTER you brush your teeth. I do it after that, as well as using some H2O2 1% as a mouthwash also, if I find the need to rid of heavy metals. After the mouth detox, so that no oils are there, RE-BRUSH the teeth again to remove any oils left.