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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

Dear Anonymous:

Anonymous writes: "We are drinking only purified/distilled water but a doctor told me this was no good because distilled water was leeching the minerals from the body and making one deficient in minerals but i told him we get the minerals from the food, not from the water."

Distilled water does not leech minerals out of the body. This is an urban legend. The same is also true even if you take EDTA to get the heavy toxic metals out. Research shows that distilled water gets rid of free radical metals out of the body - the one that is not bound to any proteins. EDTA will not pull any metal out of any mineral bound protein either. This is also true of distilled water. What distilled water does do is it gets unneeded toxins out of the body. One problem remains, is that many brands of distilled water are not distilled water, if you read the find print or check directly with the company. Sometimes the fine print says, made from "filtered water". A distilled water is not filtered water, it is water that is boiled and the steam collected makes distilled water.

Again, if you have a toxic metal buildup such as cadmium, mercury and arsenic, you best course of action to find the source, is certain canned foods. Also, air pollution is another source of cadmium. The reason is simple, many years back when gasoline had lead, the desire to remove lead from gasoline, was replaced by cadmium. So today, the lead is very low, but cadmium is very high from car and truck emissions whenever gasoline is burned. Perhaps the source of toxic metal also comes from air pollution.

Your best source of action is to take chinese parsley (aka cilantro). There was a study that said that chinese parsley will completely remove free radical toxic metals within a course of 1 month. Of course the assumed dosages is probably 1/2 cup per day for 30 days. You can eat them with foods. I now use chinese parsley as a gold standard for removal of toxic metal. Even Japanese hospitals use it.

Replied by Dennis
Sacramento, California

Distilled Water and Your Health:
"Do I need to tell you why drinking plenty of good quality water is as essential to health as eating properly? In a nutshell: one of the main activities of the body's self-healing system is filtration of the blood, a job performed mostly by the kidneys which a little help from the mechanism of perspiration. Kidneys are such efficient, compact and miraculous filters that they put to shame the dialysis machines used the maintain the patients with renal failure. The heart, blood, and kidneys are a single functional unit the constantly cleanses and purifies itself, removing all the toxic wastes of metabolism and the breakdown products of harmful substances that get onto our bodies one way or another. This purification system can operate efficiently only if the volume of water flowing through it is sufficient to carry away the waste. Further, as good quality steam distilled water enters the body, it has the ability to pick-up mineral deposits accumulated in cells, joints, artery walls, or wherever such deposits occur and begin to carry them out. Gallstones and kidney stores then decrease, and it also lessens arthritic pain as joints become more supple and movable." Dr. Andrew Weil, Natural Health, Natural Medicine

Does distilled water rob the body of essential minerals?
No, this is physiologically impossible. Some have been lead to believe that because distilled water is so pure, it will leach healthy minerals and trace elements from the body. In our bodies distilled water cleans out our impurities and replenishes the essential nutrient required for human life: pure, clean, healthy water. Our cells use the organic minerals for body growth and maintenance; however, the impurities that the body cannot make us of are flushed out with distilled water. Distilled water flushes out all the inorganic minerals and pollutants which would otherwise be retained in the body and accumulate in vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines. These minerals and pollutants are gradually increased by drinking impure water. A continuous or prolonged exposure to these minerals and pollutants may cause carcinogens to form within tissues. The cancer may only manifest itself months, years or even decades after such contacts have ceased. And often the causative agents may have totally disappeared from the tissues.

Distilled Water and Disease:
It has become apparent that pollution and contamination exist within our drinking water. With the amount of sewage dumped into drinking water sources, many water borne diseases are present in the so-called "treated" drinking water. This leaves our bodies vulnerable to infection and disease.

The viruses of major concern in relation to drinking water are those of intestinal origin, excreted by infected animals or humans, which reach water sources by way of the soils unlimited potential for serious disease and contamination of the human body. Canadian Nutrition Guide

Replied by Peter Ericsson
Bangkok, Thailand

I wonder if you can tell me where to buy distilled water for human consumption in Bangkok? Also, I wonder if the distilled water available for the car battery at gas stations, suitable for human consumption? With hope of positive reply. Peter

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
495 posts

Hello Peter, I believe that another EC reader sent in a detox formula that she got from a Japanese doctor. It is probably posted on EC a year or two back but I think the formula was 1 cup extra virgin olive oil, 2 large bunches of cilantro, and 8 cloves of garlic. Put all in blender and puree. I think the instructions were 1 tsp. 3 times per day. I have tried it and the taste is rather pleasant. Goes great on a slice of whole grain bread.

Replied by Valdevi
Asheville, Nc

I have high levels of Cadmium and just read the Joyce's recipe. How long should one take it?

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hello Valdevi from Ashville,

The answer to your question is until the same blood test that said you had an elevated cadmium level says that it is normal range or negative. Some do suggest that you detox for 5 days and off for 2 days & repeat cycles of same timing.

Have you any idea of where you are acquiring or being exposed to all this cadmium? If so, is it something you can eliminate?

Replied by James Webb
Tally Ho, North Carolina

It appears that you can prolong drinking of distilled water by eating a daily alotment of the following:

Rice {1 cup per day 922 mg of magnesium}

Bananas {11 fruit per day at 4200 mg of potassium/bicarbonates}

Figs {8 fruit per day 1012mg of calcium}

or Tahini Paste {8 heaped teaspoons 1032 mg of calcium}

  1. Minerals are inorganic as they exist naturally in the soil and water.
  2. Minerals are organic as they exist in plants and animals.
  3. Only plants can transform inorganic minerals into organic minerals.
  4. Animals must eat plants or plant-eating animals to obtain their organic minerals.
  5. Inorganic minerals are useless and injurious to the animal organism.

Please never supplement minerals from sea water or mineral water as these are inorganic and can injure your body or cause death, only obtain your organic minerals from plants and fruit. Many people drink acidic forms of rain water throughout the world, even people in New Mexico drink solar stilled water with no harm to their bodies or claimed deaths.

This article concerning the dangers of distilled water is extremly outdated and should be considered myth and a history lesson. Nobody has died because of drinking fresh water only sea water. Thank you.

Using Iodine to Purify Your Water
Iodine is a very effective method for water purification. Iodine destroys bacteria, viruses and cysts. Its action is dependent on the concentration of iodine, the water temperature and duration of contact. For example, a concentration of 8 mgs per litre at 20 degrees centigrade will destroy all pathogens if left for 10 minutes. Lower concentrations and lower water temperatures require a longer duration of action. Iodine has been used safely for periods of several months; however, it is not known whether there are adverse effects associated with longer term use.

Read more about iodine cures.