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Posted by Derek on 03/31/2007

I have a question on water. Ted says at first distilled water is no good it causes the body to be acidic then he says its good it pulls all toxic materials out but leaves minerals you need. im confused on the consensus is distilled good or bad? what about ionized alkaline water? thanks.

Replied by Ted
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In very few instances that the body needs to detoxify of toxic substances, distilled water is used. You can also add the charcoal. The reason why the unneeded minerals are removed faster is that it is the free heavy metals that I am talking about. The organically bound minerals, which is required by the body are more difficult to remove.

The distilled water is only used for short-term such as one or two days, for treatment of allergies where the toxic allergens is unknown, and the suspect is the drinking water, or the need to remove certain excess substances not needed by the body out.

In general, I wouldn't drink distilled water. A good mineral water is generally better. I have tested that a general mineral water is at least superior to energized water, and magnetized water in bean sprouts growth experiments.

Ionized alkaline water depends on the pH and the mineral contents. Too high of a pH is not good anyway. The mineral contents tend to be a bit imbalanced favoring more left sided minerals on the periodic table, to be a bit higher, such as Magnesium calcium, boron, etc. The issue of alkaline water is a complicated one, since a good alkaline water also depends on how much bicarbonates it has. The problem about alkaline water is it depends on the source, and the source varies. Therefore the old fashioned way is either purchasing a good mineral bottled water, or make your own, by adding some sea salts and baking soda, being the simplest of all formula from a Reverse Osmosis water.

I have done tests on natural water, which has yet to revealed her secrets, which I have not fully understood. But the tiny amount of hydrogen gas, in a given water has a healing properties, and are found in large amounts in an alkaline water. Unfortunately, trace amounts of hydrogen gas (in parts per million) do not stay in the water very long, and must be drank immediately. Here is proof: i recently bought a water called Hydrogen water, which has high amounts of hydrogen. Upon opening the bottle in the first 1 minute, the ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) reading is a negative -400 millivolts. Within five minutes the reading dropped to only -200 millivolts. Within ten minutes it went lower still closer to -150 millivolts for example. But there's a catch, both baking soda mixed with ACV, and baking soda mixed with lime, or lemon has a steady -150 millivolts or more, and lasts for several hours at least. The antioxidant effect of this natural elements come usually from the vitamin C content and when it becomes alkaline, the sodium ascorbate acts like an antioxidant water, without the expensive machinery.

It is this hydrogen content that farmers really need to add in the water to accelerate their plant growth. Irrigation water a plant just won't grow without the natural rain. But i suspect a trace amounts of ozone or hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen gas is what is needed. When I say trace, I mean 1 drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a 20 liter water well stirred. Or a hydrogen gas bubbled with a stone bubbler you buy from the aquarium shops for only a couple of seconds. How and why this it works is that a precious rainwater contains trace amounts of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen, and methylsulfonylmethane. I think this is the key to helping farmers increase their productivity. The secret is in the rain. Farmers have known this for centuries, and it is about time we try to at least imitate what nature has been trying to tell us.


Replied by Shakti

If we can, should we be drinking DISTILLED water or NOT? What are the benefits and disadvantages healthwise. Please respond..need to know a straight answer.. Thanks.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

I do use distilled water because it is water and nothing else but water. At least you KNOW what you are drinking....Oscar

Replied by Birdy

I like the water that is filtered that comes out of my refrigerator. It tests pretty high as far as alkalinity. I also like a brand called Aquafina cuz it tastes very good and does not have added minerals. It tests actually a little more acidic than my fridge water but it is very good. I have tried the ones with minerals and oh boy, its too much for me. I cant handle all the added potassium, other salts, calcium, etc. My lips swell and I feel it immediately in my kidney area. But any filtered water is good if you like the taste and you can add a pinch of baking soda to it if you want but not necessary as some say. I don't like tap water as it is also too dehydrating for me and I assume it is the minerals but also all the chlorine.

Replied by Claire
Pasadena, Ca

I agree with Oscar. I love distilled water for that very reason. I drink it when I want to detox and typically for no more than a week, but I have 2 friends who ONLY drink distilled water and have done so for 20 years without any problems. I believe they supplement with colloidal minerals. When travelling, I only drink distilled water.

On the flip side, a friend of mine who is an acupuncturist hates distilled water and told me her grandmother started getting Parkinson's like symptoms after drinking nothing but distilled water. Once my friend told her to stop the distilled water, the symptoms went away. So I think you will find people on either side of the coin on this one!