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Cayenne Vs Jalapeno or Habanero

Posted by Sandra (Las Cruces, NM) on 02/16/2007

I lucked out and found the Earth Clinic site. I would like to know if fresh Jalapeno peppers or Habanero peppers have the same healing effects as Cayenne peppers?

Replied by Ted
383 posts

The therapeutic effects of peppers is based on heating units. So in other words the hotness is the indicator for the therapeutic quality of peppers. If your face is red or as hot as cayenne peppers, then its ability to vasodilate the vessels is good and hence the therapeutic value is the same. The problem about such use is peppers should be fresh, not dried or capsules.

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa

I used to eat/love hot, hot chilly peppers , but ever since I got a little older I have inflamation and the hot peppers seem to trigger this disorder. The pain is unbearable.TY