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Cayenne Usage Tips

Posted by Anna (Malma, Sweden) on 03/20/2007

Hi! I have a couple of questions about cayenne pepper. When you're writing about it do you mean powdered cayenne? And how do you get it down? I tried less then 1/5 of a teaspoon in a glass of water and it really burned in my throat It almost felt a bit dangerous. Thanks for a very interesting site! Anna

Replied by Ted
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Dear Anna: Usually most cayenne peppers are consumed where the body reacts the strongest, which is the mouth. It seems to work best that way. However, if you have to take it down to the stomach that have the least irritations, then it should be taken with food. Some people don't have the stomach irritations, but those who do should be taken along with food.

In most cases, taking along with food provide the least irritations. I prefer to use fresh peppers, the small very hot kinds then the dried up powder because it has flavonoids. Believe me even for a pepper lover like me it is quite hot. However I think most of therapeutic effects is felt when it is eaten or chewed in the mouth, which can really get your face red. If you have a low tolerance, which appears to be likely, a milder powdered cayenne peppers taken along with food appears to be a milder route. Cinnamon oils are helpful too, and I think this is more convenient to take. When I was a student, I used to take toothpicks dipped in cinnamon oils and suck on it in the mouth. Both cinnamon and cayenne pepper have the similar therapeutic effects in reactivating the body's immune and hormone process to synchronize. It is the hot or shock value which does the synchronizing, much like you waking up in the morning with the sunlight in your room recharging the system. Because the hotness in peppers is similar to recharging the system, it should be good for seasonal affective disorders and depression too.

Therefore if you can consume in the mouth it is best this way, but you may need to reduce the dose as being ideal. But if it can't be tolerated, than you should find other less irritating ways.

In the case of cinnamon/cayenne peppers, I would expect the same be done in the morning. At least it beats addictive coffee and tea! In fact I prefer to use this to keep me awake in offices than I do taking coffee. Try it sometimes! A good eye opener! Ted