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BHT for Multi-drug Resistant TB?

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 06/11/2011

Can anybody please tell me if BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE can also cure drug resistant tuberculosis? Please reply quickly, for I am devastated. Thanks and God bless you mightily for this free and useful website.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually it is well known in research circles that the antioxidant BHT make it worse in m. tuberculosis and BHT models in terms of inflammation compared side by side. It is well known to be antiviral but not anti-tuberculosis. So it wouldn't do. If you are looking for drug resistant strains, you should be looking at Indian spice, asafoetida, referred to as Hing in India, or Mahahing in Thailand, but non alcoholic mix as some in Thailand companies use isopropyl alcohol in their tinctures. Actually, I haven't seen one that doesn't! It best to buy them in an original form rather than tinctures as a result. Asofoetida in combination with andrographis that is a broad spectrum antifungal I now use. There might be others but that is as broad as I can make it so far.

A broad spectrum disinfectant is ozone, clove oil and ammonium chloride. If it is indirectly breathe in (after spraying the room) it will immediately kill most of whatever tuberculosis strains there are. I actually seen a person just on ozone alone that worked in killing tuberculosis, but it required many sessions (if you don't have device) or maybe required to breathe in a couple of times. Of course, in an emergency situation you may need a stronger solution short term not exceeding a week. The tannic acid solution works quicker but it produces stains in clothing, but it justified if the person is dying from tuberculosis. I am sure a lot of people know that, but they don't put into practice because hospital rules don't allow non-approved drugs such as this.


Replied by Anna
Washington, Dc

I am confused when searching Asofoetida. It gave me Asafoetida or Asafetida. Which one should be the correct one as Ted meant:" Asofoetida in combination with andrographis that is a broad spectrum antifungal I now use. "

How long should I used this combination of these 2 herbs Asofoetida and andrographis? What would be the dosage? Anna

Replied by Swfowkes
Cupertino, California
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Let me agree with Ted. I have never heard of BHT being used for TB. But I have read many reports that BHT shows lung toxicity in mice (but not rats, or other mammals). Nevertheless, BHT might have a destabilizing effect on diseased lung tissue that it does not have in healthy lung tissue. I have heard of people using nebulized colloidal silver, nebulized vitamin C and nebulized glutathione for lung and sinus infections involving either bacteria or fungus. [For the colloidal silver, be warned that many colloidal silver products are NOT 100% metallic silver, and such might put you at increased risk of argyria.]