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BHT Causing Healing Reactions?

Posted by DA (New Zealand) on 07/01/2012

Hi Ted - I am treating a patient with tumours in and outside the anus, and since giving BHT, the tumour shows signs of activity, it has started inflaming, and a new small marble like growth has appeared on top of it. I am following your protocol to the T. In all other respects (discharge from colon, pain) the therapy seems to be working. I have battled to get the client's acidity under control though. Is there something I am missing, apart from assuming that the tumour will react as it is under threat? Maybe the body is thinking the tumour is still necessary to contain the cancer, but I am leaning more towards a regressive symptom scenario?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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DMSO applied to the area after cleaning the area may help convert some cancer to normal cells when mixed with some BHT.

Blood sugar control is most important, check the blood sugar 2 hours after meals, it has to be below 90 mg/dL, then does the client's chances improve for survival to about 97%, assuming also no consumption of vegetable oils as well as a no carbohydrate diet.

Superoxide dismutase, vitamin C with baking soda and other reducing agents may help recovery of the intestines and the liver, which is a major focal point towards recovery. Most of the mistakes made in cancer protocols is not to pay attention to blood sugar and therein lies most of the problem. The intestines need these negative ORPs (oxidation reducing potential) to recover from oxidative damage of the intestines. If the intestines are damage then there is no recovery, in fact most chemo if they caused any free radicals to increase, the blood sugar always rises. The melatonin and DHEA taken throughout the day will protect from some of this oxidative damage, but I believe that superoxide dismutase will help protect that, resulting in lowering of blood sugar. in fact some of these reducing agents do help reducing blood sugar, I am at the moment trying to give lasting effect to the intestinal damage especially the duodenal and jejunum, and upper intestinal damage, as these determine the blood sugar outcome, whereby the outcome of cancer. Actually a bypass operation would reduce the blood sugar immediately, thus solving the blood sugar problem common in cancer. I think it is the lactic acid damage that causing the damage to these organs.

There are some supplements which may help, such as zinc chloride or zinc acetate, as well as Lugol's iodine that seems to be aggressively uptaken by cancer cells, causing their demise. Arginine rich foods have to be absolutely avoided, as most cancer is viral anyway.

Digestive enzymes help break cancer cells also, and the problem about that is the pharmaceuticals fractionate the parts that prevents cancer so you have to get the right one.