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Yeast Infection or Mange?

Posted by Keri on 10/14/2006

Ted - What a wonderful wealth of knowledge you are! Thank you for your input on my previous ? Yeast Infection vs. mange.. My Golden, as well as I can decipher, has had internal yeast symptoms and we have now been treating him by 1. Universal Medicated shampoos (leaving on 15-30 min.) then rinsing. every third day.2. Giving natural Nyzmes Yeast kit products for cleansing and rebuilding the GI tract. 3. Switching to Eagle Pack food( were feeding Bil Jac) 4. using and E- collar when we are away from home and nightly.. He is still desiring to itch, has some redness of skin, and a few patches that are similar to hotspots although he has no real distinct foul smell.. He is experiencing a blackening of the skin where he had yeast breakouts.. (around his rectal area, under his arm pits and under his rear stomach area.. ) and the spots where the hair is showing regrowth are grey.. His ears are remaining clear up to this point, and we are grateful for this.. Do you see any other ways we can help him.. It has been 4 weeks..

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Keri: Yeast infection of dogs is also often a sign of some kind of mineral deficiency, in particular it is zinc (in form of zinc acetate), molybdenum (in form of sodium molybdate), and manganese (in form of manganese chloride or manganese sulfate). The dose for dogs is simple give say 25 mg of each, and the dose will not go beyond a couple of days, then stop. You should notice reduction in itchiness the next day. If not, then it it might not be working because the the supplements was not properly grounded, not mixed in drinking water, etc. If it does not work after one week, then you may discontinue. However, I find yeast infection is a mineral imbalance. I could not possibly cover all the things, but adding 1/4 teaspoon of borax, in one liter water ONLY one time, will cause the yeast to be starved and dies. The borax prevent sugar from reaching the yeast, thus killing them or at least reduce them too. You use borax both internally and externally. Externally just prepare a saturated borax solution with some hydrogen peroxide 1% to allow penetration thus effectively killing the yeast. However to make this more effective, I prefer to add some 1/2 teaspoon of manganese chloride and 1/4 teaspoon of zinc acetate to the one liter of water. It appears to be rather mild, but it works quite quickly stopping the itch.

An excellent topical solution to area of itchiness I found to be a 5% solution of copper chloride. Vinegar is somewhat less effective and the actions takes a while longer, but copper chloride seems to be fast acting. I have also found in some latest experiments is the manganese chloride, which is safer, although a bit slower to react, but seems to have a longer positive effect on skin condition. However, manganese chloride requires a much higher concentration, such as 30% solution. External treatment can also indirectly correct internal mineral imbalances too. So if you can find zinc, molybdenum and manganese, to treat externally that would be great too. They all have antifungal properties.