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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/05/2005 383 posts

As to the tumor growth for dogs, there is a possibility as follows:

1. Alkalize your dog. Take a tablespoon of POTASSIUM citrate in his drinking water per liter of water. Add one tablespoon of potassium bicarbonate. Citrate and bicarbonate are necessary in 1:1 portions. Add a big pinch of sea salt.

2. Take about 1 teaspoon of a 5-10% fulvic acid solution to the 1 liter of water. Your dog will have some diarrhea on the first 1-2 days trying to expel the toxin, and he will be in much better shape.

3. ALWAYS ADD THE DECHLORINATOR they sell in petshops, used for the aquarium fish tanks. Add about 10 drops per liter. The chlorinated water is causing the dog's cancer.

4. Get castor oil (mix with some aloe vera oil to aid skin absorption) and apply thickly to the area of tumor. Apply this after taking a bath. Do this daily. Also apply castor oil around the neck areas of the dog. It will raise the dog's immune system. Once a month, you may apply some iodine in the tumor area also. It seems to help.

5. If your dog is old, which means over 10 years, old. Give the dog a cheap vitamin D2, at 20,000 I.U. every other day for about a week or a month as you see fit. It will raise his immunity. If you feed it for a month, don't be surprise, that the dog will develop large muscles.

6. Try mixing his food with some FRESH olive leaves. Fresh olive leaves are anti-tumor.

The three things the dog will benefit the most is the potassium bicarbonate, fulvic acid and castor oil. the others are supporting features of the tumor. If you want his skin condition to improve, get your dog to take bath using only sodium perborate. Do not dry. Add sodium perborate until it no longer dissolves. Please note, the DOG MAY eat the sodium perborate crystals. It has no effect on the dog, but it DOES GET RID of a lot of fleas. Sodium perborate and/or fulvic acid seems to improve my dog's hearing. A year ago my dog was stone deaf. Now his hearing is back! Yes bloodroot paste maybe good for the dog's tumor, but the ones I have used on top seems to work better, but as always, combining them together is better, I think. Yes iodine seems helpful with the dog's cancer.

Replied by Isaac
Dallas, Tx, USA

My name is Isaac and I have a 6yr old Weimeraner with a lump the size of my fist on his right side just behind his right leg that appeared over night. A few days before he had a dark reddish patch that appeared around the same area but then dissappered shortly there after. I have been reading up on some of your remedies and they sound legitimate but I also visited an alternative cancer cure website that said some of these things will cause the tumor to grow before it decreases its size. I will be trying essiac tea but i heard that unless it is pure and non dehydrated it doesnt work. Also you had suggested baking soda instead of Potassium bicarbonate. Does that suggestion still stand? My weimeraner is pushing 95 lbs. Dosing Suggestions? Im a full time student so expensive pet costs are really not an option for me. Thanks so much for your help. Isaac"

05/01/2011: Booger from Vancouver, Bc replies: "did you try the castor oil and what was the out come?

Replied by Nick
Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I decided to read more about tumours and found some pretty nifty information here at this castor oil page. After reading through tons of reviews, I've seen many people saying that the castor oil is extremely effecient in helping reducing and ultimately even completely removing the tumour. Is this true? I love my pet a lot but I don't know if I should spend hundreds of dollars on a doctor to get it removed. Others have said that they have used castor oil and saved a lot of money because of that.

Can someone with experience please advise me on this issue? If it is indeed recommended to use the castor oil, how should I apply it and how frequent should it be applied on the tumour? Thank you so much.

Replied by Diane
Vancouver, Bc Canada

Hi Ted, I have a 13 yo female Wheaton cross. She was doing mostly great but has had ongoing problems with ear infections. Last week an apparent abcess burst in her ear and the smell of the pus was unbelievable! I took her to the vet and he sedated her and flushed out the ear. She is now on clavamox, zeniquin and prednisone. I hate giving her all these drugs but know that if there is a major infection in there something has to be done. I am usually a believer in holistic cures but I felt frightened and the vet is now saying there could be a tumor inside her ear. The biggest problem is I can't see what is happening, and she is very lethargic now, probably due to the meds. What do you recommend I do as topical remedies are obviously not possible. Thanks for any help... Diane

Replied by Lisa
Port St Lucie, Florida

Sasha is a 15 yr old Beagle. He had a huge (size of a baseball) tumor on the right side lower part of her throat that did shrink (1/2 the size) with changing her to a raw diet. Sasha has had a cyst on her back that will not go away for years. Now it is open and a awful smelling white puss leaks out and bleeds. We bathe her regularly with organic oatmeal shampoo to keep the area clean. I tried Candula on it with no results.

A homeopath said Sasha has cancer? Sasha has always fatty cell tumors her whole life. I do not know if she has cancer but what I do know is I have to do something to help her. We just got hit for huge $$ by a vet trying to save our beloved cat to find out again the vet killed our cat so no more vets!

Can I put caster oil on Sashas cyst on her back? How much and how often? What type of caster oil should it have aloe vera? Also can I apply it on the tumor on her neck? How much and how often? Can I also give her tumeric?

Also her ears have gotten worse and I do not want to use chemicals to clean her ears. I notice she is rubbing them and their is a little blood in her canal when I clean them I was using organic green tea should I keep using this? It really has not stopped the black gook from caking in and around her ears and it is really bothering her. I hope someone can help my Sasha.

Replied by Pradeep

Hi Ted, my dog has a tumor near its prostate gland, it has a big prostate gland due to it age. It's 10 this year. The Vet says that it has to be removed by surgical means only. Is there any other way? He also urinates blood due to the tumor. The surgery costs about $3500/-. But the disadvantage about it is that it might relapse again. In distress currently, able to help out? pradeep_thevar(at), email me if it's possible. Thank u so much:)

Replied by Rr

What about if a dog has a possible tumor on pancreas causing hypoglycemia? I'm limited to give him anything that will give him diarrhea since anytime that happens it drops his blood sugar too low. :(

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hello Rr,

The Best Dog I Ever Had had a tumor on her pancreas/pancreatic cancer; she was 9 years old. I noticed something was wrong when she began to have seizures after activity - which in hindsight activity dropped her blood sugar so a seizure was the inevitable. Since I could not bear the thought of my dog dying I spent about 4K on 'debulking' the tumor which bought her/me about 6 months. I was told there was no cure, and that the cancer would only come back and that it would eventually kill her - which it did. I cannot say I would put another dog through major abdominal surgery - but I cannot blame anyone else for choosing that option: sometimes it is hard as hell to let go.

What I did to cope was: carry powdered sugar around or sugar water around - particularly helpful after a seizure or to prevent a low blood sugar seizure. All activity beyond going outside for potty pretty much stopped - this to avoid dropping the blood sugar. If you must go for that final walk or bucket list bring karo syrup or liquid sugar - vanilla ice cream works in a pinch. When we did our final walk it was take a few steps, lick the ice cream cone, lunge at the squirrel, lick the ice cream cone - etc.. I did try some expensive supplements - mushroom stabilizer comes to mind - but I can't say they did anything.

Prednisone helped with pain control -from the vet and it is cheap - and since I was dealing with a dying dog I didn't pay much attention to how long term use would negatively affect her; I would to the prednisone treatment for pain management in a heart beat. I can tell you that prednisone makes them super hungry and we had some very good food together; her breakfast was usually a fried egg sandwich with bacon on whole wheat toast and dinner was what I was eating - this along with her top brand kibble.

There came a time when she refused to eat, and when I tried to force open her mouth for the prednisone pill she clenched it shut like a vise. If I could do it over this would be the only thing I would change -but because others were involved in the decision making my hands were tied. When they refuse to eat, when they clench their mouth shut like a vise and resist any water or sustenance - IT IS TIME. If I could wind it back I would have headed to the vet to PTS. If you don't, what you get to see is the organs shutting down and your dog lose consciousness and then bowels. I would say from refusing breakfast to death was about 24 hours.

The one thing I do believe is that during this time while my girl was ...out of it as she was in the throes of dying... that in spirit she was present so heard my prayers and well wishes that she follow the light and join those waiting for her. Take comfort in knowing that when the time comes your boy can hear you.

I wish my advice were better. I did not know about EC at that time. In your shoes I might consider Chaga mushroom; Essiac Tea; Sea Buckthorn; turmeric.