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Dog with Tumor the Size of Tennis Ball

Posted by Sara on 05/23/2008

Ted, can you please tell me if the fulvic acid from the is any good. And is this the typical price? My dog has a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the sheath that covers his penis and it's growing rapidly (doubled in size in less than 2 weeks). I have just started him applying the castor oil/aloe but I do not know how to determine where to find a good source for fulvic acid and potassium bicarbonate.citrate. Please help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sara: Castor oil and aloe applied to the dog's tumor helps, but if the dog licks it, it may cause a laxative effect. I remembered that fast growing tumor can be halted with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese given to the dog, such as the Budwig diet. Quite possibly fish oil can be added to the food for the dog. The use of baking soda is preferred over potassium bicarbonate because too much of potassium may cause the dog to weaken. Most of the cancer the dog experiences are often the lack of omega 3 in their diets due to industrialized livestock, which caused many animals to lack omega 3. The other possibility is the lack of B17, so perhaps 1/4 or 1/2 apricot pits a day grinded to the food. The baking soda is about 1 teaspoon added to the 1 liter of drinking water.

As to the fulvic acid, most fulvic acid or humic acid added to food helps absorption of minerals and complete digestion can also help.

Replied by Rockel

Hi Ted,

I have a cat with a tumor under her ear that is believed to be metastatic. I`m wondering if she could do the Budwig diet, the baking soda, or peroxide in her water treatment and what the dosages are for an 8 lb cat. Ty!!