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Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Mites

Posted by Andre on 10/23/2007

Update: two weeks later. Kal romps around now without his collar, the mites are still there, as I see a small amount of residue, but clearly they are on the way out. Many thanks to Ted at earthclinic.com for his latest suggestions on using a more concentrated dose of H2O2 (hydrogen Peroxide) for the finish. .. Are there any other suggestions esp. re: diet to finish the ear mites? Maybe the drier air helped .

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Drier air helps, but most of the mites get reinfested from the surrounding environment as there are mites eggs lying around the house.

While it is impractical to quarantine the cat, the most practical solution I can come up with that has worked very well for me is to spray the animal (mine is a dog) with DEET, which is relatively safe, every 12 hours to prevent reinfection.

If the mites can't find the cat or dog, the mites just won't come back and eventually die. In case the cats do go outside, if DEET were present, the mites won't be running and jumping up on the cat again.

In a more professional way of getting rid of it requires the cat or dog to be quarantined or limit the area of movement, while the small areas are relatively free from mites, which makes for mite control relatively easier. While a solution of borax/pyrethrins is sprayed around the house to prevent reinfestation.