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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/08/2011 384 posts

Dogs are unique, like people over 200 years ago, cancer is very hard to find. And the one thing they have in common is sugar. Sugar consumption is next to nothing if we go back 100 or 200 years, but dog cancer is only a relative recent phenomenon, as they started off with dog food, which contains animals that are euthanized, carbohydrates, and sweets to make them more tasty. I traced the cancer of dogs to basically two things, carbohydrate consumption and wheat products, carbohydrates that are major causes is chocolate, and other confectionary. The treatment for most dog is usually a lot easier than treating human cases, because humans are now addicted to sugar, such as fruits, pineapple, coconut milk, and others. The treatment is also easy and clear cut if you treat cancer for dogs amazingly enough, for a couple of reasons, basically their liver produces vitamin C and vitamin B complex, which are water soluble vitamins, while humans do not. The other things is most human cancer has blood sugar are above 100, with average above 120, while dogs, has 85, which gives them a good chance of success to begin with as well as consistency, since you don't even have to worry about vitamin C, vitamin B and getting sugar to normal in cancer patient, and actually most of the efforts is geared to that! So getting rid of cancer if you don't have to worry about it is quite simple in dogs. Except in dog cancer with cachexia, and that's when the liver is so toxic.

The remedy for dog cancer is as follows: reishi mushroom, bromelain, and sabah snake grass. I gave another dog, in addition to that, lysine, butyric acid, and DMSO, for the tumor that is growing and it also disappeared in 3 months. The reishi mushroom was powdered, and mix in 10% bromelain and 10% sabah snake grass powder. The two substances that I know convert cancer cells to normal cells (that I also tried) were DMSO and butyric acid, so it is a 50/50 mix. Why I don't give butyric acid to humans is they smell, but dog's don't mind! But for humans we actually have a much more expensive solution, tributyrin so we don't have to give butyric acid more often, but actually it is more like getting the patents, you can't patent butyric acid and what's wrong with giving that 5 or 8 times a day? So they operate the same, but butyric acid just metabolizes more quickly. Lysine is given to prevent the spread of cancer which does very well, I don't give threonine unless the dog also has weakened energy. The other supplements that responded well to all dogs, is the astralagus, 1000 mg. a day, works for cancer in general and other ailments such as kidney. The diets of dogs should be meats, not vegetarian, especially raw meats and organ meats. The only restrictions in cancer for humans and dogs I make is very simple just one: sugar. And all foods is best if given raw or partially cooked, as it won't cause constipation and requires less enzymes then you would to to cooked foods, so generally speaking if you get cancer you want these enzymes to digest the cancer and not have constipation, which is common in cancer patients.

So if we learn from dogs not what to do and what do, it offers an easy explanation to why we get cancer, which is no flour (especially white wheat flour), carbs, glucose, sugar, maltodextrin, and most important of all is the fructose, which is found in fruits. You can eat fruit extracts, which don't contain sugar, and reap all the benefit without the negative side effects. And it brings to the importance of water soluble vitamins, the vitamin B and the vitamin C in humans also.


Replied by Mary
San Francisco, California

Thank you for these recommendations Ted, for dog's with cancer. (Reishi, bromelain, sabah snake grass etc.)

I would really appreciate it if you would post the exact amounts of each of the substances that you recommend and the types of substances that you use ie. powder, liquid, pills for all of them and if some of these things are applied externally.

Also if you could specify how much per weight of the dog and how many times per day.

Thank you very much, again.

Replied by Nicole
Spring Hill, Fl

Does anyone know where I can find sabah snake grass here in the United States?! I am having such a hard time finding it! Please help!

Replied by Nuria
Barcelona, Bacelona, Spain

My 8 year old french bulldog was diagnosed with anemia some days ago, today she has been diagnosed a hemongiasarcoma in her spleen after getting an ultrasound test... I guess the vet is right. But is this test enough to diagnose a malign cancer? And, is surgery the only option? She has loss her appetite and has been hardly eating for the past 5 or 6 days... Then started with diarrhea 3 days ago, just when I started giving her some colloidal water... I am very confused.... She is only 8, is it ok to get her through surgery? Will the dog be ok afterwards or is just a way to give her some more months? If no surgery, what can happen to her? Will she suffer? I appreciate your help and advice.... She has never been ill until now, (they removed her uterus after an infection 18 months ago, that´s all)... , and she has always been fed with excellent food, even organic for the last 3 years... I would rather treat her only with natural remedies, but is it too late? Please, I need all the advice you can give me, thanks a lot, nuria & runa (my beloved french bulldog)

Replied by Rebecca
Denver, Co

Surgery to remove tumors will help keep your dog alive longer. Otherwise the tumor will bleed and your dog would bleed to death. Hemangiosarcoma tends to spread. Prognosis is not good for long term at least as far as veterinarians are concerned. My dog just had surgery for hemantiosarcoma. They removed the spleen and part of the liver. The doctors say he only has 1-3 months left as the cancer was not all removed and will return. Also note, this kind of cancer spreads to other organs in the body.

Replied by Bill
Fresno, Ca / Usa

My 10yr old Dachsund just had a egg size tumor removed from his abdomen, and the pathology report just came back showing it to be a Mast Cell Tumor in Stage 3. What I have been reading about Stage 3 MCT, most pets usually only live about 6 months after surgery because the cancer mestastacizes elsewhere. I have been reading on this site about all of the different remedies to use for cancer. I am confused as to where to begin and which remedy to use, they all sound great. Any ideas which one to start with?

Replied by Bill
Fresno, Ca/usa

Since I haven't gotten a response from anyone about my dog (10yr old Dachsund with MCT tumor), I have decided to go ahead and start him on the Budwig Diet of Flax Seed Oil & Organic LowFat Cottage Cheese twice daily. I am also making his own food of Par boiled chicken, tripe, chk livers, peas, carrots and broccoli all organic. I am also sprinkling a little Bromelain on his food to held with digestion. He also is being given nothing but bottled water to drink. I am also thinking of giving him Turmeric which I read about on EC also. I will keep all posted as to how it goes. If there is anything anyone can add to this post please do so.

Replied by Lucky
Toronto, On, Canada

It sounds like you are doing the right thing. I am also giving Essiac Tea. The original has 4 herbs, and a newer one has 8. My homeopathic vet, as do others, sell various versions of it. Tumeric, 1/8 teaspoon per 10 lbs... Also helpful, is green tea, ginger, reishi mushroom extract, astragalus, see website "natural dog health remedies.. Herbs for cancer"... Am looking at hulda clarkes parastive cleanse... And APOCAPS the manufacturer is a vet, he also has a good book out about cancer and pets... His APOCAPS is a similiar combination of the potent herbs I just listed.. The budwig diet too... They say a dog with cancer has a different chemistry than normal healthy dog, and to lightly cook their meat, organs and veggies ( no high carb veggies, and no grains)... Im no expert, just passing along what I learned... Also visualize your dog in white light, and pray to God for sure. I also pray Ted will give us dosages of his herbs per 10 lbs body weight. god bless :)

Replied by Nh Gardener
Small Town, Nh, Usa

For Bill from Fresno re. Dachsund with tumor--Budwig protocol sounds excellent. If it were my dog, I'd add a little gently melted coconut oil to his food, starting with 1 tsp. Once a day, increasing gradually to twice a day. I'd also add food grade diatomaceous earth (DE), starting with 1 tsp. Once a day mixed into food, increasing gradually to twice a day. DE absorbs and eliminates toxins from body. Check internet for sources. All best wishes.

Replied by Bill
Fresno, Ca

Thank you "Lucky from Toronto", I am doing alot of praying these days and anything and everything for my precious one. Also, to "Nh Gardener from Small Town" I never heard of taking DE internally before, I used to add it to our swimming pool filter. But, heck I will give anything a try.

And how do you get your dogs to eat the cottage cheese & flax oil, my little guy wont eat it. I have to force it down his throat. Thank you all so much.

Replied by Tina
Ogden, Utah

Dear Bill from Fresno: My 11 year 42 lb american eskimo/australian shepherd had MCT stage 3 on hind leg removed 6 days ago. I started Budwig diet 1 TBS refrigerated organic flax seed oil mixed thoroughly w/small handmixer w/2 TBS lowfat Cottage Cheese that day. Feeding her only mornings & then will begin feeding this 2 x /day soon & then 3 x. I add raw unpasteurized honey & 3/4 TBS freshly ground flax seeds AFTER I have mixed oil & cc. Seeds must be used within 15 min of being ground. Mine licks her from spoon - hope this helps! I am unsure what food to feed her now instead of Hills Mature Adult - not financially feasible for me to purchase Hills N/D (her size requires 2 cans / day - 12 cans / case @ $39/case). I'm devasted w/news here - may God bless you & yours!

Replied by Nh Gardener
Small Town, Nh, Usa

For Bill from Fresno, CA re. Dachsund with tumor--Our dog has passed away now; I wish we'd known about the Budwig diet--I know she would have loved it. So I haven't had firsthand experience with it; but I'd not heard of a dog who wouldn't eat it. Maybe try 1/2 tsp. Flax oil in a little (1--1 1/2 tsp. Or so?) cottage cheese, thoroughly blended as in Budwig instructions and added to your dog's food, till he gets used to the smell of the oil. And yes, I'd also add a little unrefined coconut oil to the food.

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) taken internally is said to alleviate nausea--see info at Earthworks Health; many sites sell it. You'll see testimonials on that site about eliminating ugly tumors on the outside of an animal's body, when DE was used topically. Some feed stores sell DE, but make sure it's PermaGuard, approved for food use by FDA--very different from the toxic DE used for pool filters. All best wishes.

Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States

Hi, I am looking for butyric acid for my cat who has a tumor at the anal gland. She is in bad shape and I am in a hurry. I look at sciencelab.com and they do not have it and I have done a general web search and found a place on Amazon.com that has it but it may come to late because they say it will come from 6 to 26 days. Sciencelab has a lot of chemicals with butyric acid in the name but I don't know if any of them will work. Please somebody help. Thank you

Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca

I found a product on Amazon that contains butyric acid, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and diglycerides. It stinks like Ted says so I am hoping this is the right thing and it will work. So far what I am doing seems to be working even though she has lost weight and has not gain it back yet. She is more active and alert now. I had been putting on emu oil then putting DMSO on top of it. Besides that I made up potassium ascorbate fresh every morning and put a little sugar in it. In the afternoons I give her sodium ascorbate. In between I give her herbs of astragalus, reishi mushroom, essiac tea, lysine, threonine and pancreatin. The tumor seems to be shrinking slightly but is still large. I also mix a little of her cat food with VCO to keep things moving and it is working for that. I cannot find the sabah snake grass so if anyone has seen it please post it so that I can buy some. My thanks to Ted and everyone who has posted here because it all has helped so far.

Replied by Amber
West Virginia

Please give him turmeric. Make sure it has black pepper with it. Helps the consumption of it. Also Essiac. My Amos is battling thyroid cancer and has been in remission 1.5 years. Good luck

Replied by Mike

Rather than turmeric, get Curcumin powder ... 90% stronger. It won't dissolve in water, so use olive oil. I also add about 15 drops of DMSO, which helps ingest the curcumin into the bloodstream fast and it also attacks cancer cells, but not healthy ones.