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Guinea Pig with Tumor

Posted by Gloria (Mexico) on 05/30/2012

Dear Ted, I please ask for help for an urgent situation. I know you're very busy but I'm so desperate. My pet (guinea pig) has a tumor in the pancreas and severe kidney failure, even one of his kidneys is greatly reduced in size. He is now very weak and barely weighs 600 g (1.32 lb), when his normal weight is 1.2 kg (twice its current weight), the vet said there's nothing we can do, and he's getting worse each day.

I know the decision to give him any remedy is my responsibility, but I would ask your advice on this matter. I read your remedies for cancer and am not sure which one would be best for my small pet. I know you're not a veterinarian, but in your experience what would be the best solution to treat an aggressive cancer? I read this one but don't understand it well (the concentration of the colloidal silver and the amounts of H2O2 required... Also, is it absolutely necessary that the hydrogen peroxide is food grade? In my country it is difficult to get. Do you recommend essential clove oil, the one used for massages?):

"there are many other cures for cancer but I am afraid I might make being going over the hill with this topic. But I will mention the last one that I used in treatment of cancer. Make about 5 liter of colloidal silver, add hydrogen peroxide food grade to get a 0.5% concentration. Leave it for 3 days until the cloudy solution becomes clear. Before drinking place 1/3 of this amount in a glass and add water. Add 1-2 drops of clove oil and drink. There is something about the anticancer properties of clove oil that I do not understand. However, its been medically proven about anti-cancer properties of clove oil, but apparently, most people do not know about it. Colloidal silver is anti-cancer due to its antiviral properties PROVIDED that it is mixed in a solution of hydrogen peroxide until the solution becomes clear."

I can give him the oral solution in a syringe, the amount proportional to its weight, based on the amount you recommend for an adult. I also read on EarthClinic that radish leaves are excellent to cure kidney diseases, so I thought I could give him some in addition to your advice.

I beg you to help me! I'm very desperate.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I think you gave the wrong kinds of diets for the guinea pigs by giving them fruits, they are not designed to eat any grains, fruits, honey or carbohydrates, that will destroy their kidneys and cause pancreas to be destroyed, as acid forming foods are the cause of it.

Once it progresses, it is difficult to stop it, but it seems baking soda might do fine, and switch to a vegetarian diet for guinea pigs is a more sensible option. And NO carbohydrates only vegetarian or greens only. The baking soda shall be alkaline so I would say add 1/2 teaspoon in a half of liter water, although I don't know they will take a drink. Pancreas NEEDS baking soda, to help save pancreas!!

I doubt you will save the guinea pig but if I find them dying I might give a syringe to the mouth to try to get some baking soda dissolved to saturation in water, and get the guinea pig to drink it. That's the easiest solution.

As to clove oil, for the guinea pig it is too strong, perhaps adding the colloidal silver (60%) with some colloidal gold (40%) mixed of any amount to the baking soda will do the trick.


Replied by Gloria

Hi dear Ted, I don't have enough words to thank you for your quick reply and help! My guinea pig didn't consume anything but green veggies and special pellets (without soy), he's still young, but unfortunately we did feed him fruits (all vets recommended citrics so he could get enough vitamin C). I'll do the baking soda remedy tomorrow, and avoid the clove oil as you recommend. I searched for colloidal gold and it's hard to find over here. Could you please suggest me another remedy to mix with the baking soda? If you do consider that colloidal gold and silver are the best remedy because you have seen great improvements on your patients, I'll do everything possible to obtain them.

My pet just returned home after days of hospitalization. The vet prescribed: prednisolone (a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory), tramadol (analgesic), vitamins (C, D and A), oral rehydration solution (it has sugar and artificial flavor), and silymarin. But they're all palliative, not curative treatments. I'd like to try the alternative remedy you recommend to treat cancer, in addition to what the vet prescribed. Thanks a lot in advance. Gloria"

06/19/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The orange oil and fruits extract should help (without the sugar!). Colloidal gold 40% and 60% silver is still used, gold helps pain and silver helps kill the cancer. Ted