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Edta: Which Is Best?

Posted by G on 12/13/2007

I found a source for EDTA. my question is they sell edta na2, edta na3, and edta na4. which one do you recommend to purchase? and how much to take per day, dissolved or capsulized

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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G: The common EDTA used in foods additive in general and hence can be used as a supplement is the disodium EDTA, or Na2 as you mentioned. About 250 mg is dissolved in a one liter of water. Some Baking soda can be added to neutralize the acid taste. Bread companies do this all the time. The reason why it is done this way is most EDTA has an astringent effect if the EDTA is too concentrated in capsule form or other form which lowers the absorption of EDTA to the body. However, if it is diluted in a liter of drinking water most of this is absorbed. The other thing is the disodium EDTA if taking in capsule is too concentrated, or even a table, will have a laxative effect that's rarely mentioned in the internet literature. The secret to stopping the laxative effect is to reduce the concentration when taken, but yet the amount of EDTA taken still remains constant as the 1 liter of water with 250 mg EDTA is taken throughout the day. If more than one liter is taken, the 250 mg of EDTA can always be added in the one liter of water (with baking soda) to neutralize the sour taste.