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Most low grade virus is usually a zinc deficiency. When zinc is taken at 50/mg per day for about a month then stop usually the low grade virus will disappear in either 1-3 days.

However a long term low grade viruses often introduces another condition, which is the fungus like organism being introduced into the body, usually through the nasal, then followed by the lungs. If that happens you either get pneumonia or asthma.

Fungus like organism are harder to get rid of, in my opinion more difficult then viruses and bacteria. However fungus do have a peculiar weakness, namely strong alkalinity and hydrogen peroxide. So taking 6 drops of H2O2 3% food grade in 1 glass of water taken at least 4 times a day should help a lot.

This is then followed by alkalizing formula using one whole freshly squeezed lime (or lemon) juice plus adding at 1/4 teaspoon interval of baking soda until the fizz stops and then add water to 1 glass of water. This is to be taken 3 times a day.

Most pathogens favorite food is either sugar or milk so it is best to refrain them when you do have low grade fever. Milk's caseine tend to prevent absorption of food while you eat them and this is why milk is recommended whenever poisoning occurs, it prevents absorption of the food, and this is one of the issue why cow's milk, homogenized and pasteurized not healthy.

Also important is to take some magnesium supplements of 250 mg/day and some aspirin to kill both the fungus, and virus. Aspirin is usually taken three times a day, and taken only for 3 or 4 days, for adults anyway.

It should also be noted that while sugar is essential to these organism, various mineral supplements can block sugar from taking place in these organism, such as taking chromium supplements (chromium chloride) tablets, vanadium (sodium vanadate), or tungsten (sodium tugnstate).

These minerals have to do with getting the body to normalized the sugar in your body, but at the same time, it prevents sugar metabolism from occuring in virus and fungus, effectively helping your sugar while killing off the pathogen at the same time.

You might have observed why I prefer the salt forms of mineral rather than the organic form, despite all the advertising on the bioavailability of chromium picolinate, chromium polynicotinate, and others. The reason is simple: salt forms are toxic to fungus, virus and bacteria, while they are relatively safe to humans because they are poorly absorbed, but yet these salts do get to the bloodstream a lot, but they are not taken that much by the body's cells, however they do kill the unneeded organism. Hence my interests in these mineral salts.

Whatever you do with zinc, the best ones are zinc acetate, zinc chloride and zinc gluconate. When the body had enough zinc, the skin will dry. If this occurs, it is time to stop taking zinc. And the skin will return to normal the next day. If you don't want this condition to happen in the first place then take it for one week, stop for one week, then continue for another week and not exceed one months' period. Or you can try another way, take it if you still got the low grade fever. If you are well, then stop taking it. The problem I have found about people taken zinc supplements is that they don't work since they added fillers. To prevent that, you need to grind the tablets or just chew it. It is the only way I see that it is best absorbed. For me, I used a powdered form and it works everytime. A humorous way to tell you whether you have a zinc deficiency which bought about the low grade viruses is oily skin. Of course this is just zinc deficiency. When you are sick you might not even be deficient, but I used this zinc salts as an antiviral and antibacterial medication anyway.

It should also be noted that acetyl salicylic acid or a more common name, aspirin, tends to destroy the fungus and the protein of the viruses. Therefore the aspirin also help kill them.

While a student of microbiology, I observed that adding micromolar concentrations of aspirin to prevented the growth of fungus, virus, and bacteria in culture dishes because the salicylic acid tends to dissolve the protein protecting these organism. What is so surprising is that most people don't know this fact. Even simple mineral salts in micromolar concentrations in general does a great job killing it also with no toxicity to the healthy cells.

Because I was allergic to sterilizing chemicals used in labs like Triton X 100, and other things, I kill my culture dishes using just zinc chloride, copper chloride, and magnesium chloride solutions.

These three things kill practically everything I know of except me. There are newer bugs being developed in labs that came into existence later like the mycoplasma, which I think chromium, tungsten and vanadium added should do nicely and they can take the form of lyme, lupus, and others.

I will admit, killing the mycoplasma is difficult and I could not possibly cover every strategy to do that. However the ones I mentioned should at least kill about 90% of all pathogenic organisms you have just mentioned. Therefore this should be sufficient. Ted