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Cannot See Properly From Viral Conjunctivitis

Posted by Taimi (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/30/2006

Does anyone know of a cure or treatment for viral conjunctivitis in Humans??? Or whether these animal cures are safe to use? I take ACV daily and am currently applying hot compresses to my eyes, but have had this painful condition for a week or more now and cannot see properly. Nothing seems to be helping. Any help would be appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Taimi: Last couple of months (around February 2006) I nearly went blind (literally) after using several medicines the hospitals gave me to treat a very virulent form of conjunctivitis. Mine was not a mild pink eye, but it was a virulent form of conjunctivitis, totally red eyes with no whites at all!

After treatment with hospital and loosing my entire month's salary it simply got so much worse, that I could not see and the eyes were bulging out of the sockets where the white eyes were 100% red. It was so red, it started to bleed out with a bloody sac.

I went to several drugs stores, bought many medicines in an attempt to cure this. As usual, I haven't been lucky with any antibiotics or OTC medicine as the viral/bacteria is completely resistant to them all.

With this string of bad luck I had no choice as usual, but to painfully seek my own cures. After lots of trial and error, I found magnesium chloride, at about 5%-10% solution to be most helpful.

The water I used was ordinary tap water at the time. I varied the percentage between 5% to 10% depending on my conditions at the time. When it was very serious, as my eyeballs were already peeling away, I used a solution closer to 10% to bring relief. Within seconds, I felt instantly better (along with less red color) which is a miracle since, none of the other OTC medicines offer any kind of relief. Then later on I reduced down to 5% as conditions improved. Most people I would probably recommend only 5%, mine was rather serious since I treated myself very late in the game.

I calculated the concentration by mixing and adding the magnesium chloride to a point where the level of pain was tolerable enough or that the pain from the viral conjunctivitis was reduced.

Most borax, boric acid eye wash were for some reason not helpful for my condition, but they were supportive only after conjunctivitis was gone of course. So I guess the name eye wash was exactly what it was - just for cleaning only.

As to whether ACV will kill the virus, you need to dilute enough to a point where it doesn't hurt the eye. The concentration that is least painful appears to be 1 tablespoon of ACV to 5 tablespoon of plain water. At the time of my problems, ACV weren't that helpful. It was too weak and if I increased the concentration it hurts, but the conjunctivitis pain stayed. Mine was a rather a very virulent form of conjunctivitis. Therefore, it might work for you assuming it is mild of course.

To prevent reinfection, once you mix it, you will use it only for one day and discard it.

As a postcript, it took only about 2 days to completely cure it. Normally most mild conditions takes 7 days, but mine was unique, it refused to go away. I later did some more experiments and found later on that if I would have added the zinc chloride and magnesium chloride the efficacy in stopping the conjunctivitis would reduced to only one day or less.

However, the zinc chloride concentration for eye drops should be surprisingly low, at only about 0.1% concentration, while magnesium chloride should ideally be close to about 5%. To be sure how well the newer formula works for sure, I guess I have to wait until I get another conjunctivitis!

As a reminder, conjunctivitis or red eye condition are very infectious. YOu need to prepare a magnesium chloride 10% solution as a hand antiseptic to protect against your hands touching the eyes by killing them first. So if you happen to visit someone with this condition apply a 10% magnesium chloride solution to your hand first as a way to protect yourself from communicable disease. Add just 1% zinc chloride to improve its antiseptic ability. U.S. hospitals use only alcohol handwash, but they don't provide the staying power or protection once the alcohol has evaporated. Therefore my recommended solution should at least protect you from your friends against it. Ted

Replied by brendon
Singapore, Singapore

I'd like to know Ted, what gave you the idea of trying magnesium chloride for the pink eye?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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How I came up with magnesium chloride for viral conjunctivitis is easy. Magnesium chloride is known to kill many viruses, including the polio viruses. Magnesium is also cheap. The concentration that is in used as an eyedrop I have to prepare is roughly10%,concentration. Interestingly magnesium chloride also kills certain bacteria and this can shown by applying them on the hands and then use that to grow onto petri dishes to see how much bacteria will be grown after treated with the solution too. I have also managed to test other eye drops and magnesium chloride was by far the best against conjunctivitis of the eye, including the colloidal silver. In fact the major remedy after alkalization I have used most frequently is the magnesium. It seems as if we can't get enough of that, but we have way too much of the calcium.


Replied by Ted
Matthews, Nc


I have conjunctivitis and was wondering what is the exact mixture of magnesium chloride to water? Should I take 4 flakes of magnesium chloride to say 5 teaspoons of water and mix it up? Should I take a cotton ball and dip it in the solution and have that drip in my eye? Or should I just take this solution and dump it in my eye?

Thank You

Replied by Waleed


I got pink eye, and tried colloidal silver to no improvement so out of frustration, I put a drop of undiluted magnesium chloride oil in my eye and I had never in my left felt such immense pain. It felt like I had gone blind!? Do you think it's possible to have damaged the eye tissue from that application? I woke up this morning and don't see very clearly.

Replied by Cyber Pony

Pure coconut oil works well for pink eye or sty. Wash hands and apply two to three drops inside the eye before bedtime.

Replied by Juan

Whenever I have or about to have conjunctivitis (during change of season) I immeditely put a drop or two of Virgin Coconut Oil or wash it with coconut water. With Virgin Coconut Oil ur eyes will sting a bit or will blurr it because it is thick. Or you can swab it around your eyes and eyelashes. but still it will flow into ur eyes. VCO has antiviral properties.