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Viral Conjunctivitis After Using Public Massage Chair

Posted by A (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 07/31/2007

Over 4 weeks ago, I tried one of those "massage chairs" at the "Calgary Stampede & Exhibition" (a local rodeo/fair) for 15 minutes of deep massage, from head to ankle. She casually mentioned it would release toxins 'n I should take a shower and drink lots of water.Got home many hours later, 'n completely forgot about what she'd said until a day later, when my throat was super sore, swollen glands ... and right away appeared more: bad sinus infections, fever, head-aches(never get head-aches normally 'cause I drink nothing but water and plenty of it), severe itching, rashes, and a reappearance of colitis ... and now (over 4 weeks since the massage), I've developed a bad case of conjunctivitis in my right eye. Guess I probably hadn't realized why my eyes were itching - and hadn't looked in a mirror till yesterday. 1/3 of the white is now blood-red. Today (likely have had the conjunctivitis for a few days already)I started with the tea-bag (question: just placed on the lid like a poultice?) also, put several drops of fresh lemon juice in a half-teaspoon measure(great little eye-wash contraption)and washed the eye with that - hurt bad for several seconds, then felt managable. I'm concerned - I'm certain it's worse today than yesterday - now about 1/3 of the white is red. Also, got itching under my arms, my torso, arms and on the skin around my eyes and forehead. I'm on a very tight budget and desire remedies that are effective yet inexpensive. I so appreciate this site and the excellent advice!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The lemon would cause intolerable pain. I prefer the use of just either Green Tea or Black Tea alone, heat, then wait until it is lukewarm and apply to the eyes as a dropper every 15 minutes for a couple of times. Then do that 3 to 4 times a day. The trick to this I think is in a cup of water, I may make a strong tea using 2-4 tea bags, in case it's not working. Quite often the tea is not strong enough, but it works fairly well if the green tea is more stronger.

Lemon for me I would like an acid form, but prefer to add a 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda to the tea solution in a cup is better. I prefer an alkaline mix in killing the conjuctivitis than the lemon solution. If it is not working, then probably a simple eye wash medication with boric acid and add tea to it. Colloidal silver works quite well for conjunctivitis, but i prefer a weak solution of 5% magnesium chloride myself.

Mite infestations are a good possibilities considering the place you have been, such as a rodeo for example. Mites and eggs can exist in the cloth sofa where when shaken, the mites can come on the body. Therefore it is best to avoid massage chairs in public access areas. Massage chairs should be used privately so infestation and communicable disease won't occur. While massage chairs utilizes electromagnetic frequencies needed to cause vibration this can also mess up the body's normal electrical systems by creating artificial blockages of normal flows. Conjunctivitis is one form of communicable diseases on public access chairs and luckily this is the only minor form of diseases, but what happens if it was a chlamydia, tuberculosis, and other more serious communicable disease?

Therefore I would never use such services of a public accessed electrical massage chairs for these reasons.

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