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Looking for Trigger Finger Relief

Posted by Martha (Roseburg, OR) on 11/17/2006

I'm looking for a cure and/or relief to "trigger finger" and found your site. Do you have any phamplets/books/info. available? If you know of anyone who has experienced the same thing and or thyroid condition that has been helped with ACV please respond. Thx in advance.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Martha: Several natural therapies that can help a flexor tendonitis (trigger conditions), usually to deal with inflammation where the cause is a possible bacteria that are fungus like in condition, or a non-healing injury of the tendons.

One way is to try downloading a small wav file of a cat's purr (7.85 MB) and play it on playback mode for several hours. The cat's purr in research found that cats heal much quicker on bones, tendons, etc. due to the sound frequencies which they generated, which is between 25 and 50 Hz, and other frequencies that I added, which accelerates healing, which occurred at 47 Hz.

It is a small file I created to help the conditions of arthritis, tendonitis, wound healing and other related condition. It has worked quite well for me on painful neck, arthritis, tendonitis and foot problems. I have made several files to aid healing, which includes Solfeggio frequencies, as well as different versions of cat's purr which I might send to earthclinic if we get good results from it.

The other that has worked well in the past is taking vitamin B complex and aspirin together for about two weeks. Get a good quality vitamin B complex. Aspirin is not just a pain killer, it has certain properties that kills the microbes responsible for inflammation in the tendons. Manganese and zinc deficiencies are implicated that a supplementation can possibly be helped. Usually manganese in the form of manganese sulfate will be helped and zinc acetate. The usual dose is about 25 mg for each taken only about 3-4 days a week. You can reduce or stop the dose after about a month. Try to soak the hands regularly in borax will also help as it too has anti-fungal properties.

Applying some lavender oil to the hand or area where there is inflammation repeatedly will noticeably reduce the pain. This is because the lavender has anti-inflammatory properties, but it also have a weak anti-fungal properties responsible for the inflammation. Vitamin C, horsetails (silicon rich), or oatmeal (silicon rich too), shark's cartilage, comfrey poultrice (applied to the area of inflammation) can also help the healing. Ted