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Remedy Needed for Excessive Sweating

Posted by Ania (Pakistan) on 08/02/2006

I tried white vineger and fruit vineger instead of ACV coz it was not available at my side....'White and fruit vineger seemed to work but I started so much dryness in my underarms...I started Itching...so I stoped to use it... Please tell me is ACV works well than white or fruit vineger....doesn't it starts itching? and if I take other vineger with honey,will it work? plz I am waiting for reply as well as remedy of excessive sweating.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Ania: Have no idea what your white vinegar is, so I am assuming it is 5% acetic acid. Fruit vinegar are rich in sugar, so that is causing the itching. White vinegar is used to relieve of itching and psoriasis, but in your case the itching got worse. My assumption is that you body may have a bacteria resistant or thrives under acid condition. Therefore the use of baking soda or a stronger solution such as potassium carbonate should kill this unknown source of bacteria.

Since I do not know your age, menopause is quite commonly cause excessive sweating, so taking a simple 1200 I.U. of vitamin E should relieve that, plus some magnesium citrate.

I have seen sweating profusely on taking too much potassium rich foods, so a simple cure for potassium caused excessive sweating is one teaspoon of sea salt. It goes away in minutes. For certain other poisons, such as sodium nitrite, this may not be so easy, but the source of toxins comes from eating cured meats, so taking potassium supplements should displace the sodium nitrite out of your body.

A much simpler way without considering all possible causes is to simply buy electrolyte salts or sports drink and take that. Sometimes cold sweat can be relieved by taking aspirin if the cause of your sweating condition is one of diabetic issues (sugar problems). If it is sugar related, a simple solution is to avoid fastfood and eating all kinds of fried foods after 4.00 p.m. Much of it has to do with trans-fatty acid and toxins from vegetable oils reactions with sugar and starches which is quite toxic to the liver, and therefore your body sweat.

Taking magnesium citrate and taking sports drink (electrolyte salts) should be tried first, as it has all the salts the body needs to get homeostasis and should reduce the sweat, if not, it may be hormonal imbalances so vitamin E and licorice extract should do.

Could not possibly cover all possible causes, but these are the ones I see most often. Ted

Replied by Jake
Newark , NJ

i have been dealing with Excessive Sweating for 7 year basically since puberty. I have been reading alot on different remedies & the causes of Excessive Sweating over the past 5 months but i havent found any drastic change.

I been eating alot of different herbs such as Alfalfa Tea, Rosemary & Cloves by mouth each day. I chew on Cinnamon sticks & take a table spoon of Honey before bed. I drink alot of green tea with lemon juice.

I started drinking a teaspoon ACV with a small glass of water to Alkalize my body in the morning with a liquid multivitamin. I have also been taking 75mg of Zinc pills at night. How long does it take for the zinc to really take an effect in my Hormones/metabolism?

I havent seen too much of a difference since taking the Zinc but I have been reading alot about Magnesium & Chlorophyll but I really dont have the funds just yet to add those supplements.

I think that I have Trimethylaminuria because I am effected in many areas of my body. Today I put ACV on 20 minutes before I bathed so i hope in works well as well as the Herbs I've taken.