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Excessive Sweating Issue Since Puberty

Posted by Z. on 06/03/2009

i have been dealing with Excessive Sweating for 7 years basically since puberty. I have been reading alot on different remedies & the causes of Excessive Sweating & BO over the past 5 months but i havent found any drastic change.

I been eating alot of different herbs such as Alfalfa Tea, Rosemary & Cloves by mouth each day. I chew on Cinnamon sticks & take a table spoon of Honey before bed. I drink alot of green tea with lemon juice.

I started drinking a teaspoon ACV with a small glass of water to Alkalize my body in the morning with a liquid multivitamin. I have also been taking 75mg of Zinc pills at night. How long does it take for the zinc to really take an effect in my Hormones/metabolism?

I havent seen too much of a difference since taking the Zinc but I have been reading alot about Magnesium & Chlorophyll but I really dont have the funds just yet to add those supplements.

I think that I have Trimethylaminuria because I am effected in many areas of my body. Today I made a cup of sage Tea with on tea bag.

How many bags of sage should I use to one pitcher ?

What steps could I take?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There's two things to consider. One is excessive sweating, the other is body odor. Excessive sweating are usually imbalances of electrolytes. Such as low electrolytes in general and the body tries to sweat more to increase the electrolyte level. Drinking more water will cause a person to sweat more as the body tries to increase the general electrolytes to be of higher concentration. A common electrolytes I used, and doesn't cost much is the sea salt. I always buy locally because they have high mineral content. This can easily be proven by adding sodium carbonate one tablespoon to a glass of 25% sea salt solution and stir. The solution should be cloudy and opaque, which is made mostly of magnesium and calcium.

The second issue is the electrolyte imbalance, where if the body is low on magnesium, too high in potassium and too low on sodium you get an excessive sweating too. In general, taking magnesium and some sea salt would do the trick. But with a low budget, just drinking sea salt will have some of the magnesium in there too. A magnesium supplement may be taken separately at 250 mg of magnesium chloride in one glass of water, or perhaps magnesium gluconate.

The issue of body odors usually comes from a bacteria that produces a smell, that in extremely low concentration smell like chocolate, but in very high concentration smells like a body odor. Both conditions come from the same odor chemical, but at different concentrations. Therefore to reduce the bacteria, such as taking zinc for example, chelation therapy such as chlorella will reduce the heavy metals that produces the rancid fats and hence oily fatty food is avoided except for the general essential fatty acid diet. A good form of chlorophyll is actually water soluble sodium copper Chlorophyllin, which is food color E141 as opposed to E141 that is made for oil solubility that are harder to use in practice. So I would prefer to use E141 water soluble. Some products that is sold as "chlorophyll" but not water soluble or even oil soluble are more likely NOT an extracted chlorophyll since even a small 4% chlorophyll content can color any food easily and is used at much lower concentration and still have an effect, while a non-extracted ones are ineffective. To test its effectiveness is easy. A one drop solution of water soluble Sodiu Copper chlorophyll E141 can cause a glass of water to be green almost opaque dose. A natural form of chlrophylls is often called E 140 which are less stable and most of the studies of chlorophyll are done using the E141 type, and mostly from water soluble kind. Therefore I would liklely purchase a chlorophyll supplements from a food color supplier because of low quality chlrophyll that exist in the marketing, making it ineffective in the use to prevent body odor. A high enough concentration of this chlorophyll should be high enough to notice its' unique sedative effect, and noticeable green tastes after taking the chlorophylls hours after taking that. It's this noticeable green smell inside the body that neutralizes the smell. A chlorella is also a possibility and is also taken at somewhat higher than usual dosage to tame the body odor caused, by reducing the heavy metals making it free radicals. leading to body odor too.

The condition where the fishy smells from trimethylamine are generally reduced with taking the RIGHT kind of copper. Because local market I live labels them as chlorophyll, it is not really a chlorophyll without it being a deep green color wheven even a small 50 g-100 mg of it will cause a very dark green opaque color from even a small amount of this and is a powerful supplements to neutralize most of the body odor that I know of, as a result I have to go into some great detail that the best source is from obtaining food color source color code E141 sodium copper chlorophyllin of the second type, of water soluble kind that works the best. The dose from this is generally quite low but yet high enough just to notice the calming effects of the chlorophyll almost immediately. Too much may have a sedative effect instead. The exact dose I haven't quite yet deteremine, but if I were to prepare a mix, perhaps a 1% solution E141 of just 1-3 drops a couple of times a day would do, dissolved in a water and ethanol solution, such as vodka. This also maybe used as a topiical solution to remove local body odors, whoever the color should be sufficiently diluted that the green color doesn't show, but yet strong enough to neutralize the smell. It's also possible that applying acidi solution of vinegar to areas of the body may neutralize this, but then a person would have the vinegar smell instead if given too much, but i believe this to be not too effective.


Replied by Z

where can I purchase water soluble sodium copper Chlorophyllin? I could not find any grocery store or Herb in my area all I can find is artificial green food color

Replied by Z
South Atl, Ga

I've tries a 1/4 tablespoon of sea salt & It hasnt helped, will the pill form of Magnesium Chloride help. i cannot find the right sodium copper chlorophyllin anywhere. This is depressing, I need help and more remedies please

Replied by Jermaine
Tallahassee, Florida

Copper chlorophyllin is basically chlorophyll, ask for chlorophyll in a health food store. All health food stores sell chlorophyll so they would know what your talking about. Also you can find chlorophyll in any green vegetable, yet its in small amounts, so your better off taking concentrated chlorophyll

Replied by Jermaine
Tallahassee, Florida

Another thing, if dont have any health food stores near your area then you should order it online

Replied by Alison

Drinking a lot of green tea and lemon juice can cause excessive sweating.