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Causes and Triggers of Stephen Johnson Syndrome

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 09/18/2011

Dear Ted, I have followed your SJS remedy for 3 days. It took all my energy for a day to apply the clay twice today, and twice yesterday. I think I ran out of the bentonite clay for now.

I don't have access to tannic acid. have been applying dmso + magn flakes at least twice a day. the redness comes and goes. I am concerned that when I feel itchy it is a sign of the next phase of sjs (blisters). Hasn't happened yet, but still full body rash, exactly progressing as in SJS (first trunk, then legs). I know this is the sulfa component of the drug Fansidar (which I tried to use for toxoplasmosis) causing the reaction, and a constant high fever, and barely enough energy to get up for 5 minutes.

I may have some other medicines in stock that you frequently advocate. Is there anything else I should do?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, if it is averse reaction to sulfa drugs (I have the problems too), it is probably molybdenum deficiency, and in which case sodium molybdate is a small pinch applied and taken internally for a week or two.

The cause of Steven Johnson Syndrome is probably some opportunistic infections also as a result of being overdependent on antibiotics, so it could initiate an immune responsive type. The undetectable, but is present is the possible mycobacterium (one example) that attacks the cells as a result of vulnerability of the immune system due to antibiotics and viral. With that in mind we will look at lysine and threonine, taken 1/4 teaspoon hourly for four hours in morning and in evening for at least 3 days and see if the conditions have any improvement, if it does, then continue with the remedy. As to sulfa drug, molybdenum will prevent the deficiencies due to a hypersensitive reaction to sulfa drugs, means the body is not detoxing, and the remedy I used on myself to prevent that is sodium molybdate, taken for a week or two at a small pinch a day is fine, its relatively safe. That can be applied to the tongue if located there. The itchiness skin will be helped with sodium molybdate, but there is another, sodium thiosulfate, one to three rice crystals a day may also helped, is commonly sold in swimming pool supplier, called hypo in camera supply store, will also help. Further infectivity maybe reduce with glycine and sodium silicate, taken at 3 to 5 drops a day, at least it prevents the spread, as silicon makes the cell wall stronger. If it is mycobacterium based (and there are a lot in the environment and foods as there is no means at present to control that) you can the published literature for controlling prions and mycobacterium as follows:

0.2 % SDS and 0.3 % NaOH in 20 % n-propanol, while the rest is water.

It's to apply on the skin to kill it, although I used potassium hydroxide but either will do, as an antiseptic solution against known mycobacterium, if it occurs in SJS after a viral infection, but doesn't mean these people are free of it, it's still there, and hence the lysine and threonine is used, if the tannic acid and previous remedy doesn't work for simple SJS.

If that doesn't work, will there are other remedies, depending on the outcome and symptoms based on this second set of remedies.


09/29/2010: Anonymous replies: "Hi Ted, Thanks for your detailed reply. Luckily I have in the meantime recovered, applying your recommended magnesium chloride solution + dmso twice every day. It did not reduce the full body rash, which lasted almost 10 days after stopping the antibiotics before it appeared, but it seems to me it kept it in check from going to the next stage of sjs, which is upper skin necrosis, and I did feel the sulfa poison was exiting through and destroying my skin. Now that the rash is finally gone, my skin has started to flake (looks like dandruff) but it seems thanks to the time bought with the magnesium chloride, my skin is properly regenerating beneath instead of exhibiting second degree burns.

It's funny you should mention mycobacteria. I've suspected I may carry myco tubercul in a latent/nonactive fashion, because I've always been skinny - not exactly 'wasting', but I have my suspicions. Your argument about myco getting out of control because of the sulfa antibiotic is interesting. My assumption was that the sulfa is poison to my body and that was causing the long lasting fever and rash, but of course you are right myco can cause these symptoms.

The whole point of the sulfa (fansidar) was to eliminate toxoplasmosis since I have strong belief that it is responsible for the lack of clearheadedness, my shortsightedness, and other symptoms like slow reaction that are aggravated in my bloodtype. Being european, it is almost a given that I carry toxoplasmosis. Luckily I made the decision to stop it when the fever started even though I felt I'm giving up a big fight - it takes forever to extinguish toxop and I'm not sure what alternatives are available that can cross the blood-brain barrier. I resorted to antibiotics for the first time because it seems natural remedies don't work well for parasites (well I just read something about myrrh so maybe).

But right now I'm just happy having apparently survived this episode unscathed other than a long absence from work - and without your initial remedy suggestion of mag chloride, while not a clear cut case, I can well imagine I could have been permanently damaged."

10/02/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Toxoplasmosis, if natural therapy, I used lysine 1000 mg hourly for 4 hour in morning and also in evening for about 3-4 days, with garlic, bee propolis, and MSM or DMSO, and vitamin C, three times a day. I don't know what natural therapy you use, but when you do detox, (for the rash), you prepare a wet bentonite clay apply on body, and dry it, then rinse. You repeat that another two times, and do it for a couple of days. In fact 80% of rash should be gone with magnesium applied to area and bentonite clay on the first two days.


10/03/2010: Anonymous replies: "Ted, Thanks so much for the toxoplasmosis therapy, I will try it next. I did see initial improvements with the fansidar, but of course I can't do that anymore because of the sulfa.

Regarding the clay on detox: I used up 1lb of clay, I was able to apply it twice a day for two days (instead of 3-4 times) - that was all the strength I could muster, it took me 2h for each application, and I could barely walk because I was super low on energy/breath. The rash improved a bit, but I couldn't keep it up so reverted to the magnesium only. The rash lasted about as long as could be expected from the half-life of sulfadoxine, which is crazy long (50% is still in body after 6 days)."

10/04/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "If you are weak, it's probably your immune system, so just lysine again, hourly for 4 hours, CoQ10 400 mg, and clove oil internally 2 drops about 2 hours apart should help some strength regained, the liver is weak, from molybdenum deficiency.


Replied by Anonymous

Wow. I tried the lysine and essentially yes I have a lysine deficiency. Skin regenerated much faster and better, and I feel healthier than ever, can breathe better, calm. It seems to have been the missing ingredient. Finally learned about this amino acid and that it is essential for… everything. Of course being vegetarian didn't help. If the skin issue hadn't happened to me and seeking your help, I would never have found out about lysine, I always assumed it was inconsequential. Thank you very much!"

10/14/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "There's one more addition once you've learned about lysine, it's threonine, although somewhat harder to find, is available on the internet. If you take threonine with your lysine, you should have a noticeable increase in energy. The dose is about the same as lysine, but lysine leads all the other amino acids. See how it goes.