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Inherited Skin Tags All Over Body

Posted by Karen (Baltimore) on 11/25/2006

For several years now, I have suffered emotionally, as I have many skin tags on my torso, front and back. Apparently, we inherit them from family, then age and sun exposure increase their potential. Though I have never been a sun worshiper and I don't really think my "age"is over the top, (49), my father had skin tags (despite a beautiful complexion), and therein lies the inheritance factor. I work hard to keep my body in good working condition, and I do receive compliments on my complexion. All awhile, however, when a compliment comes my way, I'm thinking to myself, "if only she/he knew what I'm hiding under my clothes". Gosh, I'm a carbon copy of my dad - go figure!My question is, with so many skin tags (keritoses) on my body, is that an indication of iodine deficiency, or a deficiency of any other sort?Lastly, about one year ago, I could not take the hideousness of my naked body any longer. I went shopping for a dermatologist. Oh my stars! I could not believe the sorts of remarks these people made to me. As if myself esteem wasn't already damaged. Despite their opinion, it IS NOT about VANITY! Do they put on dirty clothes and go to work?When I found a Derm. who seemed somewhat human (though that's a debatable quality), he rather tricked me during consultation. He suggested that with so many tags, removal should be done in steps, otherwise the insurance company would not pay for it.Ha! The first session came. There was no attendant in the room. I had to bare my breasts to him. I felt very uncomfortable in that scenario. He scraped about five or six skin tags on my R side. Then he BURNED them.The pain wasn't pleasant, but the sound of scraping those things off and the stench of burning flesh was too much. Then, he announced he was charging me $500, because insurance wouldn't cover it at all. (hum, how contrarian). I screamed at him (can't repeat those words here). He reduced it to $300. I've been paying in piecemeal. Today, upon finding this site and reading your stories, how I wish I could turn back the clock. Too late. Move on. I have a new crusade now. Thanks.karen/baltimore

P.S. It seems there are two types of people in the world: those who generously share vital information of any sort and those who charge exorbitant prices for bad information and who seek to manipulate us.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Karen: I used to have a lot of skin tags in the past and now they have almost entirely disappeared. Of course, I know why they disappeared since I observe the things I eat and the supplements I take.

My mother too had skin tags around her neck, small ones and the doctor here removed it after applying alcohol and using blades to scrape off the skin tags to the neck used. It never came back and that was about 20 years ago.

Most of the skin tags under both cases were helped with taking zinc supplements, not regularly, but often enough, that I won't catch a cold. The last cold I have, if I can remember was three years ago, and it lasted only 3 days. Zinc, in my opinion helped the most in prevention. The preferred zinc I used is zinc acetate, and I also make a toothpaste out of zinc, but in form of zinc chloride.

However, you must understand what is the cause. It is all to easy to blame your genes, but if you had enough of those biochemistry course up your head like I did, you get the impression that if the defective genes are not producing the required chemicals, then you just supplement them the missing chemicals.

To find the cause, we merely look at where it is found.

It is often found in obese persons and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Under both conditions it is the issue of immune problem and sugar problem. If we further look into where it occurred, then it is the breast, armpits, chest, neck, eyelids and other areas where the body accumulates sweat, or lacking in ventilation. Again, fungus, bacteria, excess oils, oxidized oil, trans fatty acid are the caused. The oil if they get oxidized, get hardened and the skin grows abnormally, or the fungus, bacteria is the same. I will not delve into all the cause and just jump to the treatment.

Zinc, if taken in sufficient amounts, tends to reduce oil buildup in the body and normalize excess sebum production. At the same time zinc has antibiotic properties, especially zinc salts, such as zinc chloride and zinc acetate. However, whenever it does occur in people of obese and diabetes type 2, more clues to point to possible fungus/yeast as these tend to grown in high heavy metals (from taking antibiotics) and excess blood sugar. So what I do is, I sometimes take chromium, vanadium, tungsten (in the form of chromium chloride, sodium vanadate, and sodium tungstate). These three minerals mimic the properties of insulin and this of course reduces blood sugar and the fungus, where it relies on sugar for growth are often starved in absence of such. Selenium, garlic, echinacea are often supportive of your immune system too, as well as fresh cabbage and some broccoli.

The other possibility is excess fats, which regularly eating 1 tablespoon of lecithin may be helpful in reducing the body's fat, thus reducing the skin tag.

The ability for the body to get rid of toxins on the skin, which is worse around the armpits, breast, neck and other hidden area is something that alkalizing the body will help further reduce the acid buildup from the food we eat. I don't eat bread as often as i did, and this has helped. Avoiding foods of excess acid, such as cola, bread, pastries, and sometimes animal meats are the ones I would try to avoid. The body sometimes have to much "cooked oils" or "oxidized oil" which is also not healthy. Oils if they are not heated are good, but not if they are fried or deep fried. And I do not recommend eating deep fried food, but you can take it only seldom is best.

Most of all, I think taking sodium ascorbate 500 mg/day 3-4 days out of the week will help alkalize. Taking baking soda citric acid, 1/4 teaspoon each plus 1/2 glass of water will help alkalize and detoxify from the citrates, as they are anti-inflammatory, and removes some free radical metals too. Freshly squeezed lemon/lime plus baking soda until there is no more fizz, then add 1/2 glass of water and take this once or twice a day can help. When the body is alkalized, the immune system goes up and the formation of bacteria/fungus/virus is reduced and therefore, the skin tags are reduced.

As to your question of whether iodine will help, iodine is related to thyroid and to some extent immunity since iodine itself have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore foot painting once or twice a week will help as a prevention. You might consider iodine applied to skin tag will kill it, but I don't know about that one. Iodine is not known for removal of skin tags.

The best ways to remove is sterilized sharp blades that the doctors, at least where I live, uses it. Sometimes the use dry ice to make it very cold and then scrape it off quickly. Acid will cause disfigurements as it eats through your skin if it is not properly applied."

P.S. Many things can remove the skin tags, such as 10% salicylic acid solution, iodine, aspirin, hydrogen peroxide zinc, etc. sometimes I have seen people use ice cubes and gillette blades! Of course, iodine causes staining somewhat, and for small skin tags is o.k. However, prevention and cause has actually never really been discussed.

Replied by Suzie
Toronto, Ontario/Canada

Thanks for the great information Ted, you are a gem! I too have skin tags and have started alkalanizing, boosting immunity, avoiding problematic foods etc. As per your recommendations. Do you know anything about neem oil and if that would be effective in removing them as well?

Replied by Leanne
Auckland, New Zealand

I had a large skin tag at the inside, top of my leg that was starting to get annoying. I also have small ones around my neck that dont bother me too much. I use Earth Clinic to successfully fix things all the time so was eager to try the cotton method. I tied a double piece of cotton around the base of the tag and tied a tight knot, then covered it with a plaster. The next day I changed the plaster and it looked like nothing was happening. The following day, it looked just the same, so I tied a new piece of cotton, as tight as I could bear. I kept changing the plaster after each shower in the morning, and then on about day 3 it started to change cololur, and fell off in the shower on day 4 or 5, with no bump at all left on the skin, and only a slight discolouration where it had been, which didnt matter, as it was at the top of my leg. Thank you again everyone for taking the time to share your information, which works every time, without fail!!!!!

Replied by Mike

In one paragraph he said iodine is not known for skin tag removal and in another paragraph says is used for skin tag removal. Confusing. We did use acid for removal from eBay but it does not stop them from growing in other areas. I like the prevention methods described, and will be using a 10% solution that I made of "Lugol's" it irritates my skin and I have thick skin. It only leaves a faint red spot not a welt on me which is gone by the end of the day. I apply it the night before so the iodine will have time to be absorbed. I thought about diluting it in halve but we'll leave it at this strength to see if we can get faster results for my wife's condition. I'll see if I can get her to apply a weaker solution to another part of her body to see if it will keep them at bay if she won't change her diet.

Replied by Barrie

i came on this site because I am plagued with brown pigment marks, wart type growths, some skin tags and some flat white marks. I've used Black Salve to remove some growth successfully but others don't respond at all. I take Lugol's Iodine daily up to a max of 6 drops, Mega Mag, Vit C powder, 3drops of Selenium, 2Tsp organic coconut oil, Co Q 10, Borax etc. I have absolutely no body pain at 68 and am strong except for all these ugly skin blemishes. I've stopped all bread recently so I'm hoping that will help. After reading your advice I need to add Zinc to my intake?? Any other suggestions.

By the way Vit C powder will remove Iodine stains from skin, clothing and surfaces - no problem!