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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/20/2008 391 posts

Skin Tag Update:

In a couple of cases, I have found skin tags and colon polyps were connected to heavy metals found in anti perspirant product which is aluminum compound that seems to initiate skin tag. The use of this can result in even more excessive sweat as the body tries to get rid of heavy metals. But also, if certain person takes excessive levels of potassium and lack of sodium, excessive perspire can also happen, but not as often as the body trying to rid of toxins. Skin tags disappears when heavy metals are removed from the body (not all cases) - I have as yet to prove whether it happens in a majority of cases. What I do know is aluminum is for one causing skin tags, and copper is another one, however, it i cannot exclude other metals to initiate skin tags. Therefore, metal chelators, and avoiding contaminats may help, so not just polyps but also skin tags. A heavy metal source, as I found (such as polyps) can originate from smoking cigarettes too, not just tap water. Common metal chelators I used is EDTA, cilantro, and chlorella. My favorite seems to be EDTA, but the dose I used is a lot smaller, and is dissolved in greater dilution in a liter of water, such as 100 mg per liter of drinking water, with some baking soda added too. Basically it is done mostly to remove free heavy metals I have found in my drinking water source and does remove some heavy metals from both the drinking water and what is found inside the body.

One theory as to why heavy metals causes skin tags or colon polyps is free heavy metals are free radicals and this reduces the body's immune system. Interestingly aluminum does this on two fronts, and causes blood cells to precipitate from a colloidal solution in the body too. But metals in general, once immune system is reduced, the skin tags and colon polyps are formed. Therefore, one of the possibilities is these are either fungal form or viral form, which is thought to be HSV type of virus. Interestingly HSV has a couple of major weakness, a weak potassium permanganate solution (1:10000 dilution) is one, but also, povidone iodine solution (applied 5-6 times a day), and perhaps a 20% solution of zinc acetate topical solution is one other possibilities. This is why some people report skin tag improvements with application of iodine, either lugol's solution or the povidone iodine. One of the best antiviral HSV is the iodine, but also other possibilities exist for zinc and potassium permanganate.


Replied by Suzanne
Oklahoma City, USA

Ted could you tell me if, with your theory of metals in the system, could staples left with surgery, also cause these tags, as you suggest? How then can one compensate for this. Thank you for all your suggestions on this site."

02/16/2011: Judy from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada replies: "Hi all, just wanted to comment on Ted's info. My husband had skin tags, mostly under arm area and used anti persperant. He quit using the anti persperant and the tags disappeared. Thanks Ted for giving me the reason why anti persperant is not good for you."

04/01/2011: Christine from Shoreline, Wa, USA replies: "I stopped using aluminum-based deodorants six months or a year ago, and I am developing MORE skin tags! "

11/23/2011: Sparky from Portland, Or replies: "Christine, I'd be curious to know your current status. It's possible that your body went thru a purge when you quit the aluminum deoderants and temporarily had an increase in skin tags. Better now?

Replied by Joe
Newark, Oh

Warts, some brown spots and my skin tag seem to be removed by putting duct tape over them. Don't laugh, it works, especially on warts. Had a skin tag under my eye and it is shrinking. I put the tape on before I go to bed, people stare if I leave it on during the day. It works 100 percent on warts and some blemishes.

Replied by Xena

Hi Ted, thanks for the interesting information.

Replied by Billi

The people stare is very same reason I skip these "tape" solutions lol, Joe I wish can take that look since my wart in on the forehead, the third eye :) maybe one day...

I wonder if heavy metal cleanse would help, having lots of skin tags on one side of my neck.