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Katrina Left Us with Itchy Infection

Posted by S (Ocean Springs, MS) on 12/08/2007

Ever since Katrina hit we had some military personnel stay with us for a a week 3 weeks after Katrina for recovery efforts. Ever since my 2 children and I have been to numerous doctors and hospitals trying to find a diagnosis for our problems. We were told its probably scabies and to bathe in rid. After spending so much time and money we don't have trying to cure ourselves I have given up. Some doctors told me that it was in my head. One day I attempted to bust one of the pimple looking things. But it was so hard so I got a sewing pin to bust it where I could drain it. Thats when it turned into a boil. I squeezed it for at least 2 hours with nothing but blood and puss coming out of it. The scary thing is I do not know what this is. I know that we are contagious because when I surround myself around people in public and friends almost immediately I see them itching. I feel guilty for this because I wish I could prevent it. I don't know what to do. I locked my 2 kids and I up in the house for several months. Praying for a cure to this. I did not want to see my friends and humiliation made me bite my tongue not to tell them. But now the more I go out in our community I see more and more people with these bumps on there face.My friends and family are now infected. We need help! I don't know what to do! I am frightened uncomfortable and a plaqin feeling of hopelessness If this helps anyone try to diagnose this,you mainly itch on the top of your scalp and your face and when you are hot.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It would seem the condition is demodectic mites (nanoinsect) or mycoplasma bug, and if a crawly feeling (insects that goes under the skin) it could also either be lupus or Morgellons.

A Morgellon will have tiny fibers coming out of the skin, which are often referred to as superbugs. There are two remedies that can deal with this and the one that has worked for me, and another one that has worked for another person who I correspond with.

The condition manifests itself either people itching, fibers appear in the air (from the skin), people suddenly sneezed whenever the infected person is close.

The remedy requires a couple of things.

1. Get the body sufficiently alkaline. 1/2 teaspoon (adult dose), baking soda taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water, preferably three times a day. In case of a children's dose per weight basis it is 1/2 of the dose. The urinary pH should be close to 7, such as 6.8. The dose should be increase or decrease necessary to get sufficient alkalinity.

2. In one liter of drinking water, 1/4 teaspoon of borax is added with the standard 10 drops H2O2 3% and drank throughout the day. If one liter is finished, then I would prepare another liter of water with the same dose. It is helpful to add 1/8 teaspoon or even up to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt also. The remedy is synergistic. To make the dose more stronger, the penetrant H2O2 3% can be increased up to 30 drops 3% H2O2 per liter, but it may be too strong for most people, so it might be possible to go from 10 drops to 20 drops per liter after a week. The bugs will be killed with the borax + peroxide remedy which is what is causing the problem. It takes several weeks to see satisfactory improvement, but I believe it should be continuously taken, with quite possibly 5 days out of a week that has a two day break.

3. A 1 teaspoon of borax in one 500 cc of 1% H2O2 is prepared as a topical solution applied about 12 times a day, needed to kill the bugs, and when it improves the application frequency is reduced by 1/2. To add greater effectiveness 1-2 tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia is added to the solution. The alkalinity of the milk of magnesia as well as it's own antibiotic effect of magnesium may kill certain organism that is causing the problem.

4. Chlorella supplements is taken about 500 mg per day to remove the heavy metals.

The second remedy is pretty much experimental, but does seem to work in some cases, using the traditional black salve applied to the area of the skin to remove the demodectic mites or the pus or sore from the skin. The frequency seems to be important and can be removed whenever the salve no longer sticks and it is then reapplied until the area of wound is dried up. Even if this is used, the alkalinity remedy, with borax is still needed too, but this second remedy might be added as an supplemental if the other conditions mentioned is not working as expected.

It should be noted that I have received a similar bug from a Canadian tourist here in Thailand which she caught while she was as a student and got on my hand which the pus are quite hard (as a rock) and very difficult to kill using even alcohol.

I was cured by simply digging off the area infected and applied alcohol mixed with h2o2 1% solution, and cleaning the area. Although at the time, I did not have milk of magnesia available.

The Canadian tourist likes to touch her chin and the area also got infected. She thought it was just an acne, which further investigating (after she stopped contacting me) found to be a rosacea (demodectic mites infection) where a certain antibiotic is used that was quite effective, although the exact remedy for this remains underground and I didn't have time to investigate which particular antibiotics that really works.

If there was any last resort I might try after the borax and peroxide were proven ineffective, I might apply permethrin skin cream AFTER application of borax and peroxide a couple of hours apart. Apparently, the condition went away before I had a chance to try it the very next day.