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Severe Rash After 10 Day Cleanse

Posted by MJ on 03/14/2008

hi ted ....' i very much need your insite.... these skin issues have completely impacted my life .... i am a body worker /healer and ceramic artist ... this has been soooo consuming ....and i have not been able to work which has depleted my resources ....


almost 2 yrs ago i did a 10 day lemonade cleanse ... i felt great during the cleanse however 2 days after (and since have had problems ) i had a severe poison ivy like break out on my neck/ arms and face .... my ears drained... swelled and crusted along with parts of my arms ... it was very painful / oozing yellow and itchy .... just after healing from that 2 fingers on my left hand felt like they had a sliver under the nail and a couple days later they itched and burned horribly and blistered ... after weeks of pain the skin died and i peeled it away .. the entire tip of one of the fingers had seems to take on a slightly different form each time . ...


6-8 weeks ago the familiar sliver under the nail sensation returned ... this time the skin just split and i took it as winter dry skin .... they continued to split and a couple of my nails flattened out and painfully receded and loosened ...another has horizontally ridged.... the splitting looked like i had been cut with a knife .. some of them along the knuckle ridges others on the diagonal... i have not been able use or bend my index and middle finger on my rt hand for over a month ....they are so swollen .... itch under the skin with some new postule/wart like bumps/ blisters ... i used some emu oil a week ago and some of the dead skin peeled away leaving very pink burnt like skin... have also applied tea trea oil just today ...the pain is 70% less and i can for the first time very tenderly use the finger tips...

i have been taking acv and baking soda ....about 5-6000 mg of flax oil every other day .... a green drink ... maca rt / beet root powder and today did a oil pull .... and drinking apple cider for a gall bladder issue

thank you so much for your time

in gratitude and with many many blessings

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually a good antidote for poison IVY is to apply either a 1% or 1.5% sometimes 3% H2O2 hydrogen peroxide to neutralize the toxins. That usually helps and if I can't find anything I might just use the vinegar as an old standby. The constantly peeling skin and the skin that refuses to heal can come from a number of bacteria. The one I had experience with is the fungus, and plain vinegar soaked with the fingers for about 15 - 30 minutes with gentle brushing with toothbrush often helps. If that doesn't work I might add a several drops of H2O2 3% to the solution of 1/2 cup of vinegar. The vinegar I used here must be white distilled vinegar. Both bacteria and fungus will respond to them the same way. This' I think should be done for a couple of days before the condition stops. Alkalizing such as taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice or three times a day in 1/2 glass of water should also further help the healing. But if the condition is a staphylococcus or other bacteria, then taking some turmeric and curcumin one 1/2 teaspoon of each twice a day and some magnesium supplements 250 mg a day should help decrease the condition. However in certain occupations, certain toxins is introduced into the body, such as metal contaminants found in paints of ceramics. Therefore I might try to eat ocasionally some coriander once every two days, and just only a small amount to rid of it.