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My father's 10+ year sinus problem was cured simply by taking plenty of vitamin C taken for 2-3 months The dose I prefer is between 1000-3000 mg /day taken for about a month period. It is important that to clear some mucus, by liquifying them, taking 500 mg of N Acetyl Cysteine a day. Taking some vitamin A, weekly dose and vitamin E twice weekly may help too, one is to control the mucus, the other is to raise the antioxidant to protect the body against weakened immunity. The other, is to stay away from carpets, they are source of fungus. If carpet is to be cleaned or disinfected, spraying with borax solution and hydrogen peroxide helps.

It is necessary to alkalize yourself, in your condition I would imagine to be somewhat of a strong acidosis condition, so this would be about between 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken 2 times a day. A more better formula is to take that with citric acid, such as 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, if you can find the citric acid! Once the body is more alkalized the fungus cannot grow. I have found rather by trial and error that certain kinds of viruses, and possibly fungus resides deep in the body's system where certain supplements are hard to reach, in which case I also found that only of BHT 2000 mg taken for only 3 days completely stopped most of the sinus and mucus issue. But it must be remembered that not all microbes do get killed with any one single supplements. But it is worth a try, at least for me. Some people I found have almost nonexistent iodine level as being the cause of chronic sinus. So taking kelp capsules as an iodine source will help, but it just takes a little time, by raising the body's own immune system. Zinc also help the same, and taken at weekly dose of zinc gluconate, 50 mg. For borax the typical dose is once or twice a week at 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of water or 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of water, plus several of drops of hydrogen peroxide (about 10 drops 3% H2O2 per liter). For Nasal irrigator the best one that is safe and non controversial is sea salt mixed with water. The concentration of sea salt should have the same salinity as your tears. Some people do add borax, but the amount the add is quite small, such as 50 mg per 50 cc. of water, well dissolved, should be relatively small. If not all is dissolved, remove the portion that does not dissolve.

In summary the one's I have best experience, at least for me, from sinus problems is the BHT, N Acetyl Cysteine, Borax, vitamin C sodium ascorbate and baking soda. The best one for me is the BHT, but again, I used BHT to prevent bird flu, which apparently some viruses are now displaying properties of bird flu viruses, by residing in the brain and neural regions, preventing the body's immune system from killing off the virus. Viruse do evolve by exchanging DNA, across species by what scientist refer to as horizontal gene transfer. Try to avoid coffee and replace them with green tea, UNSUGARED, and NO MILK. They do have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties in green tea and may help the sinus condition as they have anti-fungal properties too."


2005: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "My father cured his sinus problems by taking large dosages of vitamin C for about 1-2 months. I had the same sinus problem and vitamin C did indeed work - it runs in the family, I guess.

Mayo Clinic some years ago did a study on sinus infections and its causes. It turns out that a large majority of people who have sinus issues had a fungus infection in their sinus areas. The cause turns out that it came from mildew and fungus of the carpets. If you clean the carpet or remove it that might just help the problem. Also, drinking diluted tea tree oil, thyme oil, might complement by clearing the blood area as well.

Yes, tea tree oil (it is anti-fungal) in dilution will help with sinus issues and is the one that produce the least irritation. A product called Sinus Buster is reported to do very well. The product is patented and uses diluted cayenne peppers to put in sinus area. However, there are other that have similar properties, such as white thyme oil, wild oregano (they are hot - so be careful), and eucalyptus oils. Some people use colloidal silver and mix these along with diluted tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. This is reported to have worked well. Every time I have a sinus problems, I chew pure menthol crystals and breathe the fumes from my mouth and into my nose. This might also help your sinuses. My sister had an allergy problems for nearly 10 years, and somewhat of sinus problems. That was cured using N-Acetylcysteine.Vinegar is reported to to destroy fungus and have anti-fungal properties, therefore a using a humidifier and breathing in pure vinegar (5% acetic acid) might also help destroy the fungus. Ozone has been reportedly helpful with sinus provided it is used in conjunction with other materials reported here. Ozone destroys fungus and sinus would be relieved.

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