Mom Has Had Sinus Infection for Over a Year

Posted by NR on 10/10/2008

Ted, I am starting to run out of ideas. My mom has had a sinus infection for over a year now, as well as acid reflux. I don%u02BCt know if one is causing the other or vice/versa. They did surgery to clean out her sinuses which gave her relief for a short while but it has come back. I have convinced her to give up all of the foods she eats which I imagine but don%u02BCt know were not all that healthy. She is currently eating homemade chicken soup which I think is primarily broth chicken and rice. I live in Colorado and she lives in Ohio here in the states so I am doing the best I can from afar. I have gotten her to start drinking ACV and baking soda twice a day. I have ordered her food grade h2o2 which hasn%u02BCt arrived yet. She has also started to take probiotics, but the doctors have her on antibiotics. I have convinced her to use h2o2 in her lavage with water and salt. Lately she is having issues with waking up and not being able to breath. Also when she gets in a coughing fit she has trouble breathing after that as well. I am worried at some point she is not going to be able to recover and breath. I know you have tons of emails but I would really appreciate it if you could respond as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the breathing problems when people are on antibiotics are that it causes worsening of breathing because antibiotics are made from fungus, tends to worsen sinus problems. Fungus are grown an in large amounts in carpeting area, poor ventilation, moist environment and even in humid sticky condition. Sticky is a good clue, fungus are hygroscopic in nature and attracts moisture but also creates bacterial growth. A simple remedy is to kill the fungus. The best antifungal remedy I have been using for quite sometime, if you can find it is as follows:

10% pure xylitol powder
10% ammonium chloride (or a better ammonium bicarbonate)
10% Milk of Magnesia solution (which is actually a 5% percent Magnesium hydroxide,
with water. No aluminum should be added. So get the ones without aluminum
and no aspartame)
add the rest 70% with water, and use a pump spray.

The kind you use to water the nice decorative plants, and put the settings on mist. Spray the entire house and breathe in this solution or some parts of the mist once to three times a day as desired. This will clear up the fungus and restore or at least freshen the entire room within a matter of minutes. The mist or solution if it goes into the breathing passages kills the bacteria, but mostly fungus. This is the one I actually used too to help with the breathing problem. Sometimes, but not always a drop of peppermint in the tongue, or a drop of clove oil in a glass of water well stirred and drank can also help with the breathing sometimes actually killing the virus. Depending on whether this breathing is fungus or virus does matter. So far I am assuming the fungus argument. If it was a virus argument a 600 mg lysine is taken every hour for a total of 4 to 6 times a day needed to restore the breathing. On the other hand if just bad sinus throughout the day, the dose can be spaced more such as every 2-4 hours depending on the seriousness of the virus that is blocking the breating passages.

Constipation can lead to toxin overload and block breathing just the same. so if constipation is encountered frequently potassium is used, but also magnesium to restore normal breathing patterns allowing the muscles to relax instead of tightening which occurs frequently in people with serious breathing problem in sleep, not related to sinus issues too. Magnesium chloride, magnesium gluconate, or magnesium citratte 250-500 mg, WITHOUT caclium is preferably used, by chewing then drinking 1/2 or 1 glass of water, whichever is most confortable and least problem. Potassium citrate 1/8 teaspoon plus baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water or 1 glass of water twice a day will help restore normal bowel movement and reduce the constipation. Once the constipation is removed, toxin buildup is reduced and the body's immune system are up and hence the sinus infection is reduced.

Another formula to help alkalize and remove excessive calcium which blocks normal circulation, which is also food for fungus is 2 tablespoon of lime juice, plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken anywhere between two to three times a day.

Excessive mucus can lead to blocked breathing and N Acetyl Cysteine 100-250 mg for example is taken to help liquefy the mucus so it won't block the breathing passages. Often hard mucus, especially from decongestants can blocked breathing passages.

I have recently found that even without sinus problem in breathing a hypoxia condition can be created if certain manufacturers secretly add monosodium glutamate (MSG) in various names such as hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, etc. and especially so for aspartame which creates high blood methanol, which converts to formaldehyde with further oxidation in the body, creating blood clots and hypoxia, a rather shocking condition that I can almost called emergency. A very quick remedy to restore blood clot and hypoxia, quickly which occurs during the night is aspirin, but for me the time it takes to restore that takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Interestingly, I have noted that sickiness of blood platelets relates to varicose veins and hypoxia condition, where a small pinch sprinkled with disodium EDTA with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda, in a 1/2 glass of water will restore this hypoxia condition much faster, and is helped within 30 minutes. I have noted that there is a link of certain additives, the ones I did found was the aspartame hidden in many supplements, especially those that require being dissolve in the glass of water, the common ones are N Acetyl Cystine, Vitamin C, liquid vitamin, children's multivitamins, chewables, for example. Even worse is how tricky you need to find where the ingredients is hidden. Manufacturers employ some tricks, hide them in the white papers that is found in a box of medicine, which mentions side effects, contradindications, details of y ouse as well as details of the more inert ingredient.

Even worse off is certain nice tasting ones that shouldn't taste sweet unless they added some sweetners. In that case I had to call the factory to find the sweetners was in fact aspartame. Aspartame causes metabolic acidosis which causes hypoxia.

The other ingredients the manufacturing keeps adding more is propylene glycol. In high amounts from accidental poisoning where a person thought it was maple syrup can lead to death, but in smaller amounts leads to hypoxia, because of metabolic acidosis. Regular use of even hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon exposure for example, can lead to metabolic acidosis which leads to hypoxia too.

Perhaps the best way to kill bacteria, fungus to solve the problem of sinus infection is to buy an ozone generator. An ozone generator I purchased from aquarium shops for fishes and I used a larger model. Depending on the brand and concentration, the ozone should be pungent or strong enough to be noticed. When it gets too pungent the machine is turned off, often it is opened or turned on between 5-30 minutes depending on actual use where the user decides. Ozone will kill bacteria and fungus directly by just breathing.

Finally and most importantly is the vitamin C. I recalled my own father once had sinus problems throughout his life and even radiation therapy using radioactive radium didn't help. Until one of the patients who had a long standing sinus problem mentioned eating plenty of vitamin C for a month will cure the sinus. Within a month or so, the sinus problem was cured. It cured I think was because the nitric oxide supported by vitamin C help raise the immune system. The dose, which seems to work best in powdered form, or maybe tablet form without calcium (seems to interfere with absorption and bioavailability) about 1000-5000 mg a day, and is chewed and drink plenty of water for a period of at least a month should also help with the sinus infection too. The other issue is the fungus problem created by carpets and bad circulated air where I used the solution of ammonium chloride, and milk of magnesia for example to kill off the fungus and freshen the air as well as to clear breathing passages. If recent operation was initiated, maybe wounds have not healed, in that case regeneration is needed and I would take a daily diet of aloe vera juice or drinks with plenty of water will also help.

One more interesting fact is that milk, and most milk products such as yogurt, toasted bread is an anti nutrient. The milk protein casein renders the supplements completely useless fo the entire day. This is why milk and burned toast is so popular in poisoning case. The milk protein just covers the entire food or supplements, as are the calcium they also add in supplements and this prevents supplements from working. To round off everything besides just fungus, virus, ozone, magnesium, potassium, avoiding milk, and avoiding potatoes for example, I might take amino acid supplements, B complex and vitamin E (once every three or four days at 200 i.u.) to give more energy.

I am sure I haven't covered everything, I'm always forgetful. But in case you run out of ideas, I would try hair mineral analysis, which may reveal toxic metal poisoning, or mineral deficiency. pH meters can even be really revealing. For example, if pH of the saliva is below 7 for example, the entire respiratory system is acid causing a fertile grown for infections. To raise the pH along the respiratory system, is the mentioned potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate, along with the other magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to keep it in normal balance. However, it is the potassium that will cause the respiratory system to be in alkaline state and this will u usually be reflected by the salivary pH.

Replied by Barbara
So. Florida, USA

Ted, would it be all right to apply this solution directly into the sinuses using a nasal douche or sinus rinse bottle?

10% pure xylitol powder
10% ammonium chloride (ammonium bicarbonate)
10% Milk of Magnesia solution
70% filtered boiled water