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Eye Affected

Posted by M (Ortonville, Mich) on 07/07/2007

I have shingles on my forehead and nose and eye. my eye runs like a river. took antiviral for 7 day and was completely better. 3 days later it all came back twice as hard was put back on antiviral for 20 more days and it hasn't helped. been to the eye dr 6 times its now gone into neuralgia and painful. will try the vinegar tried dsmo without any help. does anyone out there have anything that will help my eye from running. I am sure its caused from the nerve from the shingles I went on 40 mg of predison a day and it helped for a few days only the eye but am going off it gradually now please help me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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What worked for me was the lavender oil, which is applied with fair amount of frequency every 15 minutes for half a day, at least. But must be applied thinly enough so that the smell doesn't irritate the eyes. ACV and DMSO wouldn't work.

The other one that has worked with me was a 3% solution of zinc chloride and 5% solution magnesium chloride applied with the same frequency intervals.