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Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Along with Scolioisis

Posted by G on 07/31/2007

Ted, Thank you for your explicit description of how scoliosis occurs; this scoliosis was so sudden together with the shingles almost two years ago, that I had no idea that it was caused by a mycobacterium! (The spinal injury occurred many years ago in school where someone pulled my chair out from under me.) The biggest surprise was that mycobacterium causes tuberculosis; my lungs are both crowded and hurt at times, but I thought it was due to having had pleuresy several times. (Mainly from air-conditioning or cold weather where in the south one is not prepared for it. Re your July 26 explanation, for which I am very grateful, I am now drinking the borax in water, and sometimes also take boron. My capsule is of boron citrate glycinate aspartate at 3 mg. (As you said, they add potato starch magnesium stearate and MCT.) How many should I take per day or week? Is one liter a day enough of the water with borax? Would more help or hinder? I have also started eating fish more often for the ammonium chloride (both "fresh" and canned), but have read that some people do not dissolve the urea well and this creates a problem. The only sugar I ever eat is from natural fruits such as mango, oranges, strawberries, or peaches. I aternate the acv with baking soda with lemon every other day. I greatly appreiate all of your recommendations, and you opened my eyes about the mycobacterium! About three years ago someone delivered distilled water to me which was contaminated with a white powder, and I did not see the residue powder until AFTER using the water with H2O2; it gave me a rash around my mouth as well as herpes lesions on my forehead. (A friend said maybe it was a recycled plastic bottle with cleaning product residue; whatever, 911 Emergency never told me their analysis. Thank you again.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Obviously the mycobacterium entered your system via the lungs and the boron should give plenty of relief, at least it did with me countless number of times if its joint pain (usually magnesium and boron) that helped me the most as well as people here who suffers from arthritis and spinal problems, quite close to scoliosis. In fact a tuberculosis can also lead to scoliosis and can cause either unusual curvature of the bones as well as the bacterium eats the spinal column. In a severe one some people have no spinal column and only the rib cages support their postures. I suspect boron or borax would have helped those conditions.

As to your questions:

Is one liter a day enough of the water with borax? Would more help or hinder?

For me that is always the bare minimum. Some people do take as much as 4 days out of a week in an effort to reduce weight along with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day. Some people are more sensitive, where loss of appetite is seen, and wishes to GAIN weight, so once a week in some cases is desired. I can only tell you of the ranges of dose, starting with minimum to a maximum. In practice, I usually observe that borax is helpful in killing of the mycobacterium as dose becomes more frequent.

I have also started eating fish more often for the ammonium chloride (both "fresh" and canned), but have read that some people do not

The proteins actually breaks down into amines or trace free ammonium which in turn kills off the mycobacterium. But what is so interesting is the amino acids and proteins from these foods in turn detoxifies the liver at the same time since most amino acid does that. So if liver functions better detoxification is improved, and hence some immune system will improve by lowering the overhead of a congested system from the liver.

If I get something as small as 3 mg of boron glycinate mentioned I would very likely take them 3 times a day and 5 days out of a week. It seems for me 3 mg is a bit less and I would need more. Of course I would increase or decrease the dose depending on my back pain monitoring thing. It is often noticed improvement the next day as well as watch for signs of loss of appetite and other conditions to determine my own optimum dose. A good observation I think is an important one.