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Magnesium Dosage for a 13 Year Old

Posted by Helen (Beirut, Lebanon) on 04/01/2008

Thanks for earth clinic and for Ted,my daughter has Scoliosis and she is suffering from back pain ,I'm giving her Magnesium 250 mg daily ,since it stopped her pains she is taking 500 mg daily ,it cured her pains ,thanks Ted but I want to know if the dose is too much for her ,she is 13 years old.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A scoliosis is a magnesium deficiency that happened for a long time which causes muscular stress pulling on the spinal column resulting in the condition. A muscle tension, takes a while to recover and once the condition is gone, the remedy can be tapered off from 500 to 250 mg. The muscle in the area of tension can be somewhat acid whenever the muscle pulls leading to some degeneration and may take a while to fully recover the muscle buildup as well as relaxation. Therefore some alkalization is needed to fully allow the muscle cells to relax and recover also, but at the same time reduces tissue calcium buildup in the muscle tissue too. Calcium causes muscle tension and tightness. It takes about 2-3 months for them to recover in adults, but children seems to recover faster. Much of my studies in biochemistry is the problematic calcium, not the magnesium since it is the calcium that tends to deplete cellular energy needed to rid calcium out of intracellular fluids. An average dose I used for people below 15 years old is actually between 250-500 mg. So somehow children needs more magnesium. Much of the problem occurs because of excess dietary calcium while magnesium is nonexistent. However, a vitamin B complex now and then is synergistic with the magnesium, especially the pyridoxine phosphate vitamin B6. Some muscle relaxation is further possible with some alkalization also. I tend to be somewhat conservative and will reduce the dose once the condition are gone, and the maintenance dose might be only needed such as 250 mg once or twice a week. So I tend to use magnesium less than what is labeled on the bottle, but at the same time, when condition does happen that required magnesium I sometimes tend to take a little more than those recommended on the bottle.

Replied by Adem
Nj, Nj,usa

My daughter has about 30 degree scoliosis. I need help about it.. Thank you...