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Posted by Anonymous on 11/18/2009

Ted, if you have time, my mother suffers bipolar/schizophrenia and they put her on on Pemela (whatevr the antidepressant/psychotic is) and Seroquel to sleep (as well as Klonopin). She also take meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. If she tries stop she seems get aggressive and hallucinate (devil tell her do bad things). She's always had psychotic temper but only recently in mid-60s start hallucinate/hear devil.

Anyways, seems hopeless, cause once they got you on these drugs for years is hard to get off. Since she has such violent temper in past, it is hard wean her off and be able deal with her (she hides lots weapons around house like a shotgun and ice picks and long knives, honestly I am scared live with her because of the abuse i endured as child). It's just I feel bad she stuck on all these meds that taking her hair away and who knows what else.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have cases of people who see ghost with enough details to tell me where their corpse are regarding their deaths. They will also take possession, regardless of where you travel. However, there is a cure and it's really simple, regarding spirit/ghost possession that I have recently cured. The cure is just to make them healthy. Once the health has returned, especially those who are neurologically imbalanced, it goes away within the day. The case I cured is rather straight forward, A form of hepatitis B somehow entered their brain, causing them to have certain ESP, in seeing ghosts who can give correct information, future, etc. It's the same with Greek Oracles. In any event, I have a reported person who has similar problems that was recently cured, a month ago, the supplements was long and detailed and is beyond the time I can spend on this email. However, the key is to identify the cause of the condition. The person who can communicated had hepatitis B entering his brain (been infected for half of his life now), is cured, last I heard was about all gone. The supplements to deal with that was zinc, lysine and aspirin, where the latter two required fifty minute doses for 4 doses for two days. As to the other woman with extreme depression the cure was methylene blue, drops of HCl in a glass of water during meals (it's concentrated 35% HCl 3 drops in a glass of water), clove oil used as massage oil only for feet area and the hands (as it's antiviral against epstein barr), and lysine. In the instance of devil/ghost/spirit it goes away once the person's is healthy enough that it can't be bothered by possessions, which often occurs during peak time about 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. The attack starts from 12 midnight to 6 a.m.

A schizophrenia is helped most especially very violent attacks is B3 500 mg three times a day. A vitamin B50 is taken daily. This will be the major remedy regarding psychological issues. Amino acid supplements is about 2000 mg a day. The B3, Amino acid, and B50 in that order are the most important remedies regarding violent outbursts caused by a neurological imbalance. It takes about 30 minutes after taking the supplements to calm down.

Replied by Gerty
Ny, Ny

Hi Ted, what if the hallucinations are from a late-onset (older woman) bipolar psychosis? Anyway to stop the voices, B3 still good? She stay indoor and up all night. She don't want to take her meds either. She thinks she's talking to Jesus and other higher energies but they give her inaccurate info, now she becoming secretive and kind of very nasty. Thanks for any help. Tried to send you paypal but it says you can't accept, it that temporary or is there other way send to donate for your time and effort? Thank you