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How to Prevent Schizophrenic Attack

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/24/2011

Hello Ted once again. I had written to you about my son's sudden schizophrenic episode. I have gotten him off resperidone. he is off all meds. I now give him niacinamide B3 4 grams a day. May i give him higher dosage at each, taking 1 gram to simplify?

I give him 4 grams of vit c. I did the lysine protocol of 3 days, 2 days every 50 minutes, and twice a day for rest of month. I give him a teaspoon of taurine once a day 5 times a day of 500 mg l tyrosine gaba everyday. I just ordered tyrosine. and waiting for that delivery. Fish oil 1200 mg once a week. I give him magnesium sometimes. I give him milk thistle sometimes. I give him thumbergia laurifolia homeopathic drops sometimes (blue trumpet vine). I give him desiccated liver sometimes. he is NOT using street drugs.

He is better but still sleeps many hours some nights. He is starting to socialize, talk and play more. He started to ride his bike. And some nights he has slept a lot less since off medicine. BUT this past few days also. He is starting to have nightmares. He had a bad one last night and is sleeping a lot today. 15 hours and has not gotten up yet.

I realize now my son has always had as a little child nightmares. Not very often but far in between. yet this nightmares always have been screaming with his eyes open. he never remembered anything in the morning. I now believe this is associated with what has unleashed in his brain.

I am concerned about the nightmares this week being more often. And want to avoid going back to resperidone. Does this nightmare mean he will have another psychotic episode soon? I gave him b-6 100 mg and read that could make nightmares worse. But also says it is good to give to schizophrenia patients that usually lack this vitamin. I will not give him b6. only administered one time.

Am I missing any vitamin or mineral that will help with the nightmares and avoid a psychotic episode. what else can i do. Something is missing in this road to recovery.

Ted thank you once again. I do not want to bother as we all know how busy you are with people and your health.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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He is starting to have nightmares. He had a bad one last night and is sleeping a lot today. 15 hours and has not gotten up yet.

The nightmares may be due to magnesium and B6 deficiency, or he is taking tyrosine. So tyrosine maybe a problem in some people. You just have to test individual chemistry. Threonine is missing in his diet as is N Acetyl Cysteine. These conditions may be a virus condition that's causing the nightmares. Threonine is added to lysine, but about 1/2 as much at least and N Acetyl Cysteine is needed as anti viral and glutathione, to reduce the nightmares.

The sleepiness is due to B3, given during the day, it can be given at night ok since lysine is given. The B3 can be reduce to night only. Part of the problem is excess sleeping may be giving him nightmares.


08/25/2011: Anonymous replies: "Thank you Ted for your response. Yes I give him tyrosine because our last mail was about avoiding another psychotic attack and 500 mg should be taken 5 times a day to control temper. He is short tempered and gets frustrated easily. And he has not been able to get up early and concentrate on school. He almost has lost his school year. My biggest fear since he is off the medicine (risperidone) is not so much the nightmares, but avoiding another schizophrenic episode. I was concerned because I thought maybe the nightmares have something to do with another episode approaching from not giving him resperidone any longer. Basically I am asking if he is needing anything else to mostly avoid the schizophrenia to repeat. My worse daily fear is a repeat of that horrible episode and the damage his psychiatrist says it will do to his brain. he insist he will have another attack because i refuse to medicate. You say the b3 to be given at night. but he has to take 6 grams, in 500 dosages with vit c. I start with that early morning thru out the day. should i give him the 6 grams ALL at night?? It is 12 pills.

How MUCH n acetyl cysteine must he take, HOW much glutathione? and HOW Much THEONINE?? will this supplements help avoid schizophrenic episodes aside from helping wIth nightmares? I started the baking soda today after meals... should I add anything else??? Thank YOU TED"

08/26/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The B3 is what prevented the schizophrenic attack. There are two possible schedules:

1. B3 is taken 250 mg in morning, especially lunch, dinner, and evening.
2. B3 is taken before sleep 500 mg all at once.

This depends on him being too sleepy or not. If too sleepy is second schedule. To control temper, it is B3 500 mg. B2, folic acid, B6 also helped, 50 mg B6 and B2 too. Folic acid is about 5 mg, but is not really necessary unless B3 works, but for people with this condition it always works but maybe some fine tuning. The cause of your condition is a virus, in the brain and they are known to do that.

The Gingko biloba extract also works best against this. I have recently found that Quercetin is a cheaper alternative to CoQ10, it also works too, as CoQ10 is expensive and it must be 400 mg. And it sometimes works, but in medical settings. I believe Ubiquinol is more therapeutic, but I find just giving him hourly dose of lysine, threonine, N acetyl cysteine at least hourly for four hours, for at least 3 days is more than sufficient, followed by maintenance dose of two times a day afterwards was sufficient, to prevent future schizophrenic attacks. The cause is viral I found, and it depletes the body of N acetyl cysteine, B3 and some selenium also. But what killed the virus causing schizophrenia is the lysine.

But the best against schizophrenic attack is B3 500 mg, fish oil 1000 mg, quercetin 500 mg x 2, maybe evening primrose oil, selenium yeast 200 mcg x 2, and N Acetyl Cysteine. The lysine will keep the viral count down, and threonine will keep the immune systems up. An update is lecithin also helps restore normal brain biochemical in myelin sheath to prevent future problems. Heavy metals of any kind also caused this, and he needs to stay away from. Your condition is mostly bipolar disorder, of manic aggressive kind, bought about by a opportunistic virus, when immune systems are down, usually from drug use, especially smoking marijuana, and some other substance. That's my experience, and it is (for me) one of the easier cases to treat.

As to your questions of alkalizing, I seem to find these people need more vitamin C say 1000 mg, in acid form of ascorbic acid, but some do respond to more alkaline form. The best overall forms of vitamin C if you don't want to experiment (it requires only 1 tablet and check his response within an hour or two) is sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid, mixture. Once his antioxidants are up, which includes selenium yeast, N acetyl cysteine, vitamin C, then he should not have further attack. But there is some, who is low on zinc. I prefer acetate form, and is taken 25 mg, to prevent colds to help schizophrenia also, the other one is manganese sulfate, in rare instances. these two are responsible for superoxide dismutase, Zn SOD, and Mn SOD, that help the antioxidant levels in the brain because they get depleted by virus very quickly. But that's my opinion just from observation.

HOW much glutathione?

You need precursors of glutathione. N Acetyl Cysteine is 500 mg x 2 times a day. Glutathione if you want to try is 500 mg, but I prefer N acetyl cysteine as it more effective.


1000 mg is fine.

will these supplements help avoid Schizophrenic episodes asides from helping wIth nightmares?

Yes. I suspect you did not give him lysine enough in the evening and it helps if N acetyl Cysteine is given to help say 250 mg would be fine.

I started the baking soda today after meals... should I add anything else???

Yes, you need vitamin C, fish oil, selenium at least 200 mcg a day, also helps.